Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Obama Lies About Debt Ceiling

Obama is flat-out LYING when he says if we don’t raise his debt limit he will not be able to “pay the bills.” The debt ceiling has nothing to do with paying CURRENT bills. It only stops him from SPENDING MORE money. It's like a credit card limit for spendthrifts. We get PLENTY of money in all the time to more than pay our current bills. This is yet another moronic Obama swindle. This guy would not tell the truth if the truth would serve better. He’s an inveterate liar who doesn’t seem to know HOW to tell the truth. And we thought Bill Clinton was a big liar! He makes Clinton look like a piker!

I watch “The Five” on Fox all the time because there’s nothing else on and I MARVEL at how often Bob Beckel, one of the five hosts, REFUSES to accept truth when the others present it to him with PROOF attached. If there’s ANY way facts can be interpreted in the way liberals WANT them to be interpreted, that’s how he will do it. He’s one of the most bull-headed STUPID liberals I know who PRETENDS to be a “moderate.” That shows that he, like most liberals, haven’t the foggiest notion of what “moderate” is. And they wouldn't know truth if it slapped them in the face.

OBAMA’S GESTAPO TACTICS: When he ordered the national parks (that he doesn’t pay to keep open) closed, he spent a lot of money (even though the government is supposed to be shut down) to send ARMED guards there to keep people out when it would be cheaper to just let them in. Those armed guards threatened people with arrest and imprisonment if they tried to come in, as those veterans did at their own National Monument, or even so much as took a picture. This kind of action is not only unconstitutional, it is  Gestapo-style tactic and we should not stand for it. We should go there in sufficient numbers to over power them, guns or not. And if they hurt somebody, make THEM hurt. Soon, they're going to KILL someone.

“QUANTITATIVE EASING” ENDING: They’re making a BAD THING out of the ending of Obama’s counterfeiting operation in the Federal Reserve. It may end soon, and they’re now advertising the buying of silver (before it ends) as a result. The biggest beneficiary of Obama’s counterfeiting operation has been the stock market, so ending it will make stocks go down for a while. And they’re trying to get you to now benefit from the ending of the stealing of money out of your pocket, now and forever.

TALK ABOUT FRIGHTENING THE HELPLESS! Obama has now put out the word that if the shutdown continues into November he will be unable to guarantee payment of Social Security and Veteran’s Benefits. These are all benefits these people have EARNED. Social Security beneficiaries have PAID IN at the point of a gun all these years on the PROMISE of being paid back when they’re past a certain age. That their money will be KEPT in an “untouchable fund” forever and they’ll be paid out of that. Stopping paying at least Social Security payments will ADMIT that this fund has been LOOTED long ago. If you don't believe that "point of a gun" thing, just TRY and NOT pay in and see how quick the guns come out.

STOP ACTING LIKE A DICTATOR! That’s what Obama needs to do. He’s ORDERING things to happen that would NOT happen under a temporary government shutdown in order to “make it as hard as possible” on the American people. He used THOSE WORDS when he gave orders to his people and there’s NO DOUBT as to what he wants. We need to IMPEACH this damned fool quick, before he screws us up COMPLETELY! NO one man should have the power to hurt that many people with impunity!

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