Monday, September 30, 2013

He Can't Understand It

Obama just can’t understand why so many people are opposed to his policies. So he blames Fox News, who do nothing but REPORT his mistakes—all of them. He says they’re somehow “mentally deficient” because they don’t support him. To me, this shows HIS “mental deficiency.” Anybody who is willing to negotiate with the president of Iran, but not with Republicans IS “mentally deficient.”

SHALLOW, IGNORANT PEOPLE! They did a “Survey” recently, asking men if they would prefer a new iPhone, or a new girlfriend. The survey is stupid in itself, but the ANSWERS were even worse! Way too many men said they would prefer a new iPhone to a new girlfriend. What a concept! That’s a choice NO intelligent man should make. The question in my mind is, why is a stupid iPhone so important in a man’s life? Some of those “surveys” out there defy intelligence.

McCAIN’S IGNORANCE PERSONIFIED: “(Russia Today)—The Washington scholar who was cited by US leaders calling for a military strike on Syria, only to lose her job for fabricating her academic credentials, has been hired by the office of US Senator John McCain, Foreign Policy magazine reports. Elizabeth O’Bagy was formerly employed by the Institute for the Study of War.” How stupid could this senile senator BE?

Former UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who famously (like Hillary Clinton) lied to us about the murders (most likely sponsored by Obama) in Benghazi, has a “new gig” in Washington. She’s still a spokesman for Obama as his National Security Adviser. I guess that’s her reward for lying so well for his “fantasy” about that infamous anti-Muslim video that really had nothing to do with Benghazi. She’s a classic case (other than Elizabeth O’Bagy) of “moving the deck chairs around” in Washington.

STUPID PEOPLE: How can intelligent people born in freedom, be stupid enough to embrace a “religion” that makes them into “second-class citizens” and “chattel slaves?” Samantha Ludwig, a British-born woman is one such stupid woman and is now suspected of being one of the killers in that well-known shopping center Muslim terrorist attack in Kenya. What possesses such people to get involved in such fool actions? I guess such people are simply shallow and ignorant.

“GLITCHES GALORE”: Even Democrats say Obama’s health care takeover swindle law is “riddled with glitches,” and they’re right. That’s because it was WRITTEN by incompetent fools who know NOTHING about the medical profession. It is not just “riddled with glitches,” it’s a TRAINWRECK waiting to happen and Democrats are slowly becoming aware of it. They KNOW that, once put into effect, it will mean the DOOM for Democrats as America reacts to it by throwing Democrats out of office.

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