Monday, October 7, 2013

"They Set the Agenda"

That’s what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says about the standoff: that “the Republicans set the agenda.” Really? The MINORITY PARTY “sets the agenda?” Do you really want us to believe that crap, Harry? If you’re going to lie to us, at least make it a BELIEVABLE lie, please! Damn, Harry must think we’re really stupid. And I’ll give him that: many of us ARE ignorant of reality because they proudly “don’t pay attention to politics.”

A MACHETTE CAN WORK: One man pulled a machete on an armed robber in Long Island when the robber tried to rob his deli. Not too smart of him. The guy, whom they say had already fired one shot, could have shot him, but didn’t. Instead he ran, and the clerk chased him clear across the parking lot. I believe this robber will not come back, even if he has stopped running. The deli owner says he wished the clerk hadn’t done that, but supports him.

They’re raising people’s health insurance premiums by $10,000.00 so they can cover “pre-existing conditions” for other people, one of the stupidest liberal flights of fancy I’ve ever seen. Under this, a person could not ever buy insurance, and, AFTER finding out they have cancer or something else, THEN buy it and expect the premiums paid by OTHERS to cover their cancer. That’s not insurance—it’s WELFARE. So why not call it what it is?

WHAT’S A “FREEDOM FIEND?” A Democrat Congressman, Alan Grayson (D-FL), said Republicans are “corporate shills, religious fanatics, and freedom fiends.” Typical Democrat unfounded insults to their “enemies,” except for the last one: What’s a “freedom fiend?” He says they want the freedom to “sleep under a bridge,” but that’s a STUPID assessment. They simply want the freedom to make their OWN decisions without having to go, “hat in hand,” to ask permission from some nameless, faceless bureaucrat.

THEY HATE THE “SUPER RICH”: But most “elite liberals” are themselves, “super rich.” But they don’t hate themselves because they mostly INHERITED their riches. They just hate those who EARNED their riches. They think (stupidly) that they STOLE those riches from the “poor.”  But how do you steal from those who have nothing? I think this is one of the stupidest notions liberals have—and they have many; another being that making laws against criminals carrying guns will stop criminals, who don’t OBEY laws, from carrying them.

Are they biased against Jews and in favor of Palestinians? Yes, according to the stories they cover and the ones they DON’T cover. And the WAY they cover them. There’s a marked tendency to cover stories that make victims out of Palestinians and OGRES out of Jews even though it is the PALESTINIANS who lob explosives at the homes and businesses of innocent Israelis while what Israel has done is in RETALIATION for Palestinian atrocities.

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