Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Big "Set-Up"

The whole thing was a big “set-up” designed to get the “immigration” law Obama wants passed. I guess he thought sending eight Democrat congressmen to the illegal gathering of illegal immigrants to get arrested would do that, so he sent them, and gave the ARMED officers he sent there to harass citizens to arrest them. And they WERE all Democrats. And they WERE obstructing traffic. You can NOT tell me those “cops” didn’t recognize those congresspeople. And you can't tell me they will pay any fines levied. If they do, they'll be reimbursed, under the table.

BIKER AT FAULT: That biker in New York who got run over by a SUV on the West Side Highway brought it in himself. The poor guy in the SUV had NO CHANCE to brake when that biker suddenly slapped on the brakes, INCHES from his bumper He was even looking back, to make sure. But I don't think he expected what he got. The driver may not have even been LOOKING out front, surrounded, as he was, by other bikers. Then after running him over, he was AFRAID to stop for fear of being murdered. When he did get stopped, they TRIED to murder him and ended up paralyzing him for life. Right in front of his family, whom they ALSO threatened with a beating until “wiser heads” intervened.

OBAMA JUST DOES NOT CARE: Ordinarily the families of slain servicemen are flown, at government expense, to the point where their bodies are returned to the United States, but not this time. Obama COULD have paid for them to be there, but he REFUSED. At one of the most important times in their lives, he kept them out or forced them to pay their own way there. At the same time, he ordered that they NOT be given “survivor benefits,” which ordinarily are paid within THREE DAYS. This “a—hole” just doesn’t care about the families of slain soldiers, OR the slain soldiers. He, like most liberals, holds a deep hatred for the military, even as he USES them for his own purposes.

FISHER HOUSE STEPS FORWARD: When a charity, the “Fisher House,” heard that families of slain soldiers were not to be given money to travel to meet the bodies of their loved ones and pay for their funerals when they arrived, they came up with the money to cover travel and funeral expenses. When the government CAUSES their deaths, they should, at least, pay for their funerals. But NO! Not when Obama is trying to prove a political point and scam us out of more money! He REFUSED to pay for it, and Fisher House did. Actually, I’m surprised Obama didn’t refuse to allow them to accept the help. That’s like him. It’s this kind of thing that’s going to END him.

IT’LL JUST COST US MORE: If Obama’s intransigence forces us not to raise the debt limit and allow him to spend even more of our money, they will just reduce our credit rating again. What that will cause is borrowing money will cost more and raise the price of EVERYTHING. That’s how it works. The government fights among itself and WE suffer. It doesn’t cost THEM anything, but it ALWAYS costs US.

WILL WE DEFAULT? Will this country default on its current bills if we don’t raise the debt limit? Obama lies and says, “YES.” But we won’t. Not with $250 billion coming in every month in taxes, we have MORE than enough to pay interest and principal on our debt. Only if Obama ORDERS it will we default on our CURRENT debts. Nobody is :”holding hostage” ANYBODY or anything. Yes, all the Republicans have to do is CAPITULATE to Obama’s every whim, and things will be okay. But if they don’t, of course it’s THEIR fault. (sic)

OBAMA CLOSES A PRIVATE INN: He blocked their drive and ordered them to close because of the shutdown even though they receive NO money from the government and there is NO government money involved in the ownership. People asked why he fought the “order” and he said “I’m old enough I don’t have to take it any more” or words to that effect. Frankly, Obama hasn’t the POWER to GIVE such an order and send ARMED Park Rangers to block this man’s private drives. This guy believes in small government, so I guess that makes him an “enemy of the state” to Obama and, “fair game.”

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