Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Government Is Closed!

 Isn’t it? Then how did Harry Reid bring up, and pass a bill in congress? He passed a bill that recognizes “National Chess Week” and authorizes back pay for government workers laid off by the “shutdown.”. What? Obama continues to fly around the world slamming America, spending government money. If the government is closed, how can it be “business as usual” in Congress? I guess the government is only closed where Obama WANTS it to be closed. Like parking lots, entrances to private property and WWII Memorials, White House egg hunts, pay for soldiers, and for other federal employees laid off by the shutdown, and other stuff guaranteed to piss off Americans and make it harder on them.

GOVT AUTHORIZES IMMIGRATION RALLY: He has authorized a rally for "Immigration Reform," which he approves. In the National Mall—which is closed” because of the “government shutdown.” But don’t ask to hold a rally for anything Obama DOESN’T like. It won’t be approved and the "shutdown" blamed.. Only things Obama likes will be given a “green light.” This only further proves this “shutdown” is another Obama CON. I guess he thinks we won’t notice things like this.

HITLER’S BACK! Germans actually WORSHIPPED Hitler as he came to power, before his brutal methods became obvious, even to the stupid. The same thing is happening here, with Obama. In one video, made early in his administration, many Hollywood stars “pledged their loyalty” to Obama, with one member of the “Red Hot Chili Peppers” actually kissing his elbow. How can people BE so stupid? Are there really that many MORONS in this country? I guess there must be; they elected this fool TWICE.

OBAMA SLAMS TEA PARTY ON TWITTER: Boy, he’s getting desperate. He actually took to Twitter to slam the Tea Parties and Boehner for the shutdown HE ordered. You know, the one he’s now blaming for everything he’s ordering to make it harder on us. You can always count on people like Obama to tell us who frightens them the most: they are the ones they say the worst things about; the ones they blame for what THEY are doing.

WHAT’S GOING TO DESTROY OBAMACARE: What’s going to destroy Obama’s health care swindle is the fact that people are soon going to find out their health care insurance is going to cost them two to three times as much for the same coverage they had. So much they cannot afford it. And they aren’t going to sign up for it and are going to refuse to pay the “fine (tax).” It’s a fatal flaw. Even if they initially sign up and don’t want it, all they have to do is stop making payments. That’s always a good way to end something you don’t want.

“MOST HATED MAN: Fox’s Megyn Kelly asked Ted Cruz, “What’s it like to be the most hated man in America?” But she’s wrong. He’s only “the most hated” among LIBERALS (and a few moronic Republicans), who are really in the MINORITY in America, although they have the biggest mouths. They make enough noise to make it SEEM like he is “the most hated man in America.” I always thought Megyn was too smart to buy the liberal crap.

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