Sunday, October 6, 2013

Is Conservatism Mean?

That’s what Democrats (and other liberals) want you to think. But that’s a LIE. In actuality, it is LIBERALISM that’s mean! Conservatives simply want people to be allowed to make up their own minds on things; to have a lot less government control over their lives and fewer taxes so people will have more money to buy the things they need instead of having to send it to the government while the (liberal) government “doles it out” back to them with “strings attached” and “their cut” removed.

OBAMA TRIED TO SHUT DOWN STATE PARKS: Parks that are NOT paid for with federal money (not directly, anyway). But Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (who else but the one governor who has a “big pair?”) REFUSED a “directive” (since when can a PRESIDENT give a GOVERNOR a “directive?”) to close down the parks within his state. You remember this governor became famous for defying his state’s unions and survived a recall effort over it. This guy has a BIG pair of gonads! He isn’t afraid of this pissant  namby-pamby whining, crying president.

DEMOCRATS ARE SCARED SILLY: That’s why they’re being so nasty and calling their “enemies” terrible names like “terrorist” and “extremist,” when THEY are the extremists in the plot. What are they afraid of? They’re afraid of the American people finding out the truth of how they’re being screwed without being kissed. That it is OBAMA who “shut down the government.” That ONLY that part of the government that is most VISIBLE and the most irritating is “shut down.” They’re still collecting taxes every day, but they’re not sending out refund checks. That part of government that benefits THEM is still “open.” It’s all a “shell game” and they’re afraid we’ll find out.

SHUTDOWN THE BEST DIVERSION YET:  Obama NEEDS diversions to keep us from talking about all his failures and crimes and this so-called “government shutdown” is the best diversion yet. The evidence? What are we talking about right now? The shutdown; not Benghazi, where his incompetence resulted in four dead. Not about “Fast and furious” where he “ran guns” to the Mexican drug lords (which resulted in hundreds of dead, including his own federal agents). Nor the rest of his crimes and stupidity.

LIKELY TO GET BACK PAY: The “news” media says that “striking” federal workers who are “laid off” by Obama’s “shutdown” scam are likely to get back pay. Intelligent people have known this from the first. They ALWAYS get back pay when they’re used as pawns in ANY president’s swindles. They PLAN on that to get their pay in lump sums for long periods. Their creditors know they’ll get paid when it’s all over. They always do.

IT’LL FAIL ON IT’S OWN:  I think we should let Obamacare just go into effect and watch it sink of its own weight. It’s so cumbersome and impossible to enforce, it won’t last. Yes, it’ll cost people a lot of money. But that’s going to happen, anyway. With more than a THOUSAND PAGES of “regulations” spawned by this law, NOBODY can possibly understand, OR enforce it. So it WILL fail. We should just let it.

“MAKE IT AS DIFFICULT AS POSSIBLE”: That’s what ALL government workers (who are left) are being told by the Obama administration. Obama wants us to suffer as much as possible while his government is “closed” so we’ll get mad at the Republicans, whom he is falsely accusing of “causing” the shutdown HE ordered when they wouldn’t agree to his unreasonable demands. So of course they shut down some PARKING LOTS that require a MINIMUM of upkeep, maybe once in a “blue moon.”. and the ocean.

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