Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Treating Old Vets Like Terrorists

A bunch of old veterans went to Yellowstone the other day to enjoy the sights. Next thing you know, they’re in “irons,” being held at gunpoint. And it’ll probably cost them some money. This kind of treatment is not only unprecedented, it is STUPID. That’s the kind of thing fostered by Barack Obama when people don’t bend to his wishes. He does things like this, and blames it on the Republicans. What a damned stupid man this pretender to the presidency has become (or maybe always was)! Now states are paying big money to him reopen other memorials.

DESPERATE IS AS DESPERATE DOES: Obama is becoming desperate. He has ordered the National Guard to close I-495 in order to derail the planned trucker’s protest. He can’t close EVERY route into Washington and his next move would be to physically BLOCK all truck traffic into DC—and Obama is just stupid enough to do that. The truckers’ stated objective is to “snarl traffic” and Obama’s order to an armed military outfit to close that route will do it nicely.

WHAT THE HELL? I heard somewhere that the military cannot be used against Americans, OR as a police force. I guess Obama’s fools think because they call it something else (The “National Guard”), they can get away with using the a military, armed outfit to block the entrances to I-495 around DC to to thwart a planned trucker’s demonstration. This fool must really be on “thin ice” (he must be on the floor kicking his feet) to use such tactics—and they’re illegal, too, the way he’s doing it. The administration assures us that no such orders exist. We’ll see what actually happens.

CLOSING INTERSTATES: Obama forces say that, since I-495 is a federal highway, they can close it if they wish cuz the government is closed. Does that mean he plans to close the ENTIRE Interstate system? Is this fool TRYING to start a revolution so he can “put it down?” I wouldn’t put it past him. It’s his pattern to “jump up and down” and do stupid things if he doesn’t get his way, while blaming others for the problems HE causes. These are the spiteful and vindictive acts of somebody who has no business being president.

“IT’S NOT MY JOB”: That’s what DEMOCRAT Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson says about READING what she passes into law. What? Is she really that STUPID? Whoever told her it’s not her job to READ the legislation she foists on the rest of us misinformed her badly. Blacks have come a long way when such a woman as this (not black, just arrogant and ignorant) can be elected to the Congress and “strut her stuff” before the rest of us. Apparently she doesn’t think she’s arrogant, just better than the rest of us.

SILLY SOBS BRAYING: I’m sitting here with my television muted. I got so tired of listening to the Democrat swindlers bray their lies, I couldn’t stand it, any more. So I muted it. But it’s hard to mute them everywhere, and some of their swill does creep through. Nancy Peelosi braying like a jackass, then Harry Reid doing the same. Next up is a Republican braying, too. Then a pundit commenting on their braying sometimes that is braying itself. Damn! I can’t see how those who LIVE in Washington stand listening to all this braying all the time. Seems like everybody in DC is running some kind of a con on each other, AND the American people. I get so tired of it!

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