Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Shutdown" Is A "Shakedown"

They want you to THINK the “government has shut down,” but it hasn’t. They’re only shutting down things that are the most visible and irritating to most people. The IRS is still collecting taxes today; but they’re not sending out “refund checks.” The Post Office is still working, broke or not. The cops are still working, and have killed the latest Washington DC attacker (he didn’t get Obama). Obama’s health care swindle web sites are still “shaking down” people who MUST buy health insurance at the point of a gun, whether they can afford it, or not.

THREATENING SOCIAL SECURITY: Obama now says if this keeps up (the shutdown) he might have to order the government to stop paying Social Security checks to people who DEPEND completely on them because most are so old broken they can’t work. To do so is to ADMIT that the “Social Security Fund” has been LOOTED a long time ago. Hopefully, "wiser heads" will prevail and he will listen.

CONGRESS “NOT DOING ITS JOB”: Obama speaks often about “Congress not doing its job, so he’ll do it administratively.” Is it Congress’ job to approve of Obama’s every wish and flight of fancy? Jeeze! I thought their job was to pass or not pass laws, based on their own values, not his. That seems to be Obama’s opinion of the “job of Congress”: to do HIS  bidding expeditiously. It’s not. Not passing all HIS laws is NOT “not doing its job.”

WHY SO MANY? People are wondering why, if so many people want no part of Obama’s health care swindle law, why are there so many applicants? There’s a simple answer. Curiosity. They want to know if Obama has been lying to them about his plan costing them less than what they have. He has been lying to them. The average cost is TWICE what they were paying before and if you even LOOK at a plan, they consider you “signed up” and you cannot change your mind. Oh; by the way, it's MANDATORY.

GUNFIRE IN DC: It caused a complete lockdown” of what was left of the government still operating because of the “shutdown.” Apparently there were so few government workers in Washington they had trouble hitting anyone. But the cops didn’t. The attacker is dead and things (what there are left) are back to normal.” (At least, what passes for “normal” in DC) Oh; they didn’t get Obama.

OBAMA: “I’VE BENT OVER BACKWARDS: To work with the Republican Party." What is this guy SMOKING? What kind of fools does he think we ARE? Obama has gone out of his way to signal his UNWILLINGNESS to negotiate (except with Iran). Maybe he only sees us “bending over forward” ready to take what he’s ready to give us. Damn! I get really tired of this fool’s efforts to make fools out of the entire country. Oh; I forgot. they elected him, TWICE. So I guess a majority are.

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