Friday, October 25, 2013

Progressive Insurance Commercials

They weren’t too bad when they began, using the “Flo” character, but they’ve gotten “progressively” worse as time goes on. One of the latest, portraying Flo as a “queen,” attempts to use “olde-timey” Shakespearean era language and fails badly at it, misusing the word “thine” for what should have been “thee.”  Which is a common mistake from people who know nothing about that period, but which makes the commercial silly and amateurish. It seems like a badly-made local BAD commercial.

SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT: We will be facing the same old fight in DC in a couple of months, when the last-minute law they made to “avert disaster” runs out and they again start fighting over whether or not to raise Obama’s ability to loan more money, even with his lousy credit record. I think we should shut down the government permanently, while barring Obama from making decisions as to what to “shut down” using making it hard as possible on us. The government (while “shut down” functioned well, [better than usual] except for Obama’s slimy “closings” that were designed to make us mad).

It’s becoming more and more dangerous to be a teacher these days, which is evidenced by two (count ’em) TWO murders of teachers by teenagers in their own schools. In one case the 12-year-old student shot and killed a teacher and wounded several other students before killing himself; in the other, a TALL 17-year-old boy followed a female teacher into the women’s restroom and slashed her throat with a “box cutter.” then he went to a movie.  If those teachers had been armed, the result might have been very different.

PROMOTING MEDIOCRITY: The system of promoting mediocrity and penalizing excellence could not be more obvious than it is in high school football in California and, I suppose, other states as well. In California they SUSPEND coaches that allow their teams to win by more than 35 points. That’s like taking laps away from race cars that win by more than one or two laps. It PUNISHES the person who excels and REWARDS the one who does NOT. Or like taking a bad pianist and celebrating him/her over another pianist who is superlative. Aside from the pain of listening to such a pianist, it removes the INVENTIVE to BE a superlative pianist.

SHE DOES WORK FOR US: Health Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is so arrogant she doesn’t think she works for the people who pay her salary—the American people who are now calling for her resignation for incompetence. I got a clue for her—she DOES work for us. And I don’t call for her resignation, I call for her FIRING. She doesn’t deserve the right to resign. She needs to be sacked!

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