Thursday, October 24, 2013

Winning 91 to 0

A player’s mother has filed a complaint against the coach because the “other team” beat her son’s team by 91 to 0. She accused him of “bullying” the other team. Seems to me if that boy’s team had spent more time practicing they might have actually done some scoring. If they were beat that badly it was because they WERE that bad. Not because anybody “bullied” them. That is patently STUPID.

SPORTS WITHOUT SCORING: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: holding a sports event without keeping score is some special kind of STUPID. And penalizing the winning team for scoring too much is also STUPID. What if the held an auto race and didn’t allow a winner? What's the purpose? Or a boxing match without a winner? Who would go? Believe me, the kids at such events know who got the high score! Even if the adults are too stupid to keep score.

ALL OBAMA’S CRIMES: The whole world knows about all the actual CRIMES Obama has committed, so why don’t they DO something about it? He commits many crimes behind closed doors and proof is hard to come by. But one of his biggest crimes is COUNTERFEITING. They’re even got a good-sounding name for it: “Quantitative Easing” and The Fed does the actual counterfeiting under Obama’s orders. And make NO mistake. It IS under Obama’s orders. The Fed wouldn’t DARE print TRILLIONS of dollars of PHONY money without his approval.

THEY GIVE OUT FOOD STAMPS LIKE CANDY: Except when you REALLY need it. I get just enough Social Security to ALMOST make it. Except when something happens to cost me a LOT of money. That happened a month ago and I tried to get some food stamps for ONE MONTH because I was ABSOLUTELY broke with two weeks yet to go before I get more money. They gave me $16.00 worth and before I could spend that, they cut it to $15.00. That’s not help. That’s an INSULT. Thank God I don’t have to depend on that as a regular thing.

“BURY THE PRICES”: The people who designed Obama’s health care signup web site were instructed to “BURY the prices” to avoid “sticker shock” when they found out their premiums would be DOUBLING or TRIPLING, counter to Obama’s promise that their costs would GO DOWN. Another thing they BURIED was that deductibles would be in the THOUSANDS of dollars, making their policies WORTHLESS.

COMPARE IT YOURSELF: Obama says, “Don’t take my word, compare it for yourself.” But when you do, you have to give them all your personal information BEFORE you can even compare plans—with NO MENTION of the cost until AFTER you “create an account” giving them everything including your bank numbers so they can just take your money at will. And if you so much as ASK about a certain plan they “sign you up” for that plan and won’t let you “back out.” It’s a government-run SWINDLE, pure and simple.

THESE PEOPLE ARE OUR ENEMIES: Obama and his henchmen are our ENEMIES. They schemed and CONNED their way into power so they could rip us off on a scale never before contemplated. The “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” forcing lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could not repay it was just the beginning. THEY call US “enemies” and they’re right. But not in the way they think. We’re in mortal danger until we get RID of them!

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