Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Total Incompetence

Why would ANYBODY spend more than HALF A BILLION DOLLARS to create a web site? I know web site design can be expensive, but that’s STUPID! But I expect that of the government, especially Obama’s government. He spends money like water and never asks for a quote beforehand. He doesn’t care; it’s not HIS money. Couple that with the fact that the very Canadian company that got the contract had recently been FIRED by the Canadians for BOTCHING a similar, less-expensive web site and you have prima-facie evidence of incompetence in Obama’s government. I wonder how many more BILLIONS he’ll spend to fix it.

“DIVIDING THE GOP”: Democrats (and some Republicans) are accusing Ted Cruz of “dividing the GOP.” But that’s typical twisting of the facts in DC. Cruz is doing what ALL Republicans should be doing: holding Obama’s “feet to the fire” on Obamacare. If that “divides” the GOP, it NEEDS to be divided.

“LEARNED A LESSON”: That’s what Harry Reid said about the GOP. He “hopes they learned a lesson” from the government shutdown fiasco. I don’t think so. There isn’t a lesson TO be learned, except maybe to know that Obama’s thugs will do ANYTHING, say anything, to get their way, without regard to the damage it does to the people of America. And that’s an important lesson to learn.

SUICIDE CHILDREN: The Islamic terrorists are kidnapping children and sending them to secret schools to indoctrinate them into their “suicide bomber” ways. When they’re ready they send them out with bombs attached to their bodies to wander into marketplaces or other places where people would not suspect a child of being a suicide bomber, then blow them up, along with everybody around them. Ask the question, “How LOW can you go?” and you’ll find the answer in the ACTIONS of Islamic terrorists.

USING THE WRONG EXAMPLE: Remember Karmel Allisin, the woman who almost fainted as Obama presented her as one of his “success stories?” She’s Type 1 Diabetes and is pregnant and has stayed with the same insurance for a long time regardless of rising costs. She was afraid she couldn’t get anything else because of her pre-existing condition. Enter Obamacare. She CAN get insurance somewhere else now. At TWICE the cost with a $6,000.00 deduction (making it useless) with Obama looking over her shoulder. What he DIDN’T tell you is she hasn’t “signed up” and doesn’t know if she will.

WHY HAVE INSURANCE RATES GONE UP? ObamaCare wasn’t even in effect, yet health insurance rates have gone up significantly. The answer is simple. They went up in ANTICIPATION of passage of the bill into law. They did it now so they woudn’t get the bureaucratic equivalent of a colonoscopy by the government. But the silly secret is their rates are GOING to go up and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it.

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