Friday, October 4, 2013

Chelsea (Clinton) For President?

Now they’re pushing Chelsea for president. If I had to choose between her and her mother (Hillary), I’d chose Chelsea. But if it’s a choice between her and a REAL candidate like Sarah Palin, I’d vote for Palin every time. But I have to ask: what qualifications does Chelsea (OR her mother) have to be president? None. But with Democrats, that makes no difference. NONE of the recent Democrat presidents have had any qualifications and they were ALL incompetent.

COSTUME PULLED: They pulled a popular costume representing an Islamic terrorist from costume stores “because it might offend Muslims.” My question is, “Who cares, besides Muslims and other fools?” I know for a fact they have sold MANY Jesus costumes for years. Did anybody complain? And if they did, did they do anything about it? Talk about a DOUBLE STANDARD!

I CAN’T FORGET THIS: Nancy Peelosi made probably THE most stupid comment I’ve ever heard an incompetent politician make when she said of the health care swindle law, “We have to pass the law to find out what’s in it. How stupid does this broad think we ARE?” Obviously she’s too stupid to know how stupid SHE is. It goes without saying, but I’m going to say it, anyway. We don’t PASS laws to find out what’s IN them. We READ them and KNOW what’s in them BEFORE we pass them. But not, it seems, our current Congress.

“REPUBLICANS EXTORTING ME”: That’s what Obama says about the current fight over the debt ceiling. But the truth of it is, OBAMA is extorting the whole NATION over the debt ceiling. He has SIGNALED that he will NOT negotiate, and shut down the government rather than do so. Who is it that is EXTORTING anybody? Damn, what a STUPID man he is! And he’s STILL extorting us when he says, “Prepare for a COMPLETE shutdown.”

Obama is having so much trouble selling his health care swindle that he is now offering free cell phones to applicants who sign up for programs that cost them two to three times more than their current plan cost for the same coverage. He apparently thinks a Mexican-made cell phone will make up for the many thousands of dollars each applicant will be swindled out of. And many fools will buy it.

SO WE’RE BROKE, ARE WE? So why is Obama squandering our tax dollars (that no longer exist) on park benches in MEXICO? Why is he sending BILLIONS of dollars to support various MUSLIM terrorists all over the world? Why is he “running guns” to Mexican drug cartels and spending a BILLION dollars to “sell” his health care swindle law? I just CANNOT understand why we haven’t IMPEACHED this fool yet.

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