Sunday, October 20, 2013

Obama: "No More Crisis Governing"

Do you believe that? From the worst practitioner of “government by crisis?” Not to mention he’s the biggest LIAR who ever sat in the Oval Office. You can always know what he’s up to by taking whatever he says and figuring just the opposite is true. He says you should “stop listening to bloggers.” Why? Because they tell the truth about what he says and does. He doesn’t like that, at all. He says we should stop “crisis governing.” What? This, from the biggest PRACTITIONER of “Crisis governing?”

SCARED THE HELL OUT OF HIM: The 72-year-old grandmother of baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken did it by simply hitting the “panic button” on her car’s remote locking device. It scared the would-be robber so badly he ran away (they’re all cowards). But not before he was caught on video. He was picked up later and is now a resident in the county jail, soon to be moving to the state prison system. Bravo, grandma! (From a grandpa)

MAKING THEIR OWN NEWS: Liberals (and some conservatives) spent six weeks beating up on Sen. Ted Cruz in the media, then took a poll on him. What did they find? Surprise, surprise! They found that a lot of people didn’t like him! I wonder why! Damn! They really think we’re stupid enough to buy that crap? Well, a lot of us--the ones who proudly pay no attention to politics and thus know nothing, might.

LIBERALS AND THEIR AWARDS: Hillary Clinton, one of the least competent former Secretaries of State, has received 15 awards from liberal organizations in the nine months since she left office to a man who will soon become known as one who SURPASSED her in incompetence. This proves that liberals spend a lot of time giving themselves awards to make their resumes look better. Of course, they NEVER give wards to conservatives, no matter how good they are.

OPPOSITION OFFENDS HIM: Rush Limbaugh brought up a salient point today: Obama is OFFENDED by opposition. To his way of thinking, “How DARE” the Republicans, or anybody else, oppose him?” why don’t they “bow down” to his wishes and just let things go? He’s always right, you know. Anybody who opposes his superior knowledge is an ENEMY. They should be annihilated, not suffered. Never mind his “signature legislation” will NEVER work. Never mind he thinks SOCIALISM is the way to go. That ALONE makes him INCOMPETENT to do anything except maybe take out the trash!

MURDERERS RELEASED: In Florida, two (count ‘em, TWO) convicted murderers were released from prison on FORGED documents. Apparently NOBODY checked to see if those papers were authentic. They just let them go. So TWO murderers are loose on society, maybe with grudges against the people responsible for putting them in prison. Seems to me the SYSTEM in this prison system needs to be changed, radically. These two releases happened, weeks apart. After the first one, why wasn’t the system changed? Political incompetence, maybe?

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