Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nevada Shooter Got Gun From Home

So of course, according to the anti-gun fools there should NEVER be a gun in the home where such a kid can get his hands on it. Never mind there was something wrong with this kid’s brain and if people could see the signs, maybe he would not have killed a teacher and wounded several students. It’s not the gun, people. It’s the kid! He broke many laws already on the books, so what good are new ones going to do? I found my Dad's gun one time, but I didn't go out and kill anybody with it.

WHY NOT IN THE FIRST PLACE? Homeland Security boss Sebilius says “We’re going to bring in the ‘A-Team’ to ‘fix’ the ObamaCare web site. Which brings up the question: “Why didn’t you use the A-Team in the first place?” Why did you spend half a BILLION dollars to hire a team that had already been FIRED by one government for screwing up an even lesser web site for them? Are you people stupid? I find it difficult to think you didn’t know that—or if you didn't, you ARE incompetent.

“IF THE SHOE FITS”: Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) says, “If the shoe fits, wear it” to back up his ludicrous accusation that the Tea Parties are racist for DARING to criticize Obama, in any way. What kind of FOOL is this man? They’re only racists in HIS mind because they criticize his black God, Barack Obama. Would he make this kind of accusation if Obama were white? (He IS half white, you know) I don’t know what motivates people such as this, but people like him are STUPID and should not be allowed to be elected to office because of their stupidity.

TWISTING THINGS: The people who are complaining abut the Boston Red Sox because they THINK the name is an insult to the American Indian (Sorry PC Police, I don’t use your “weasel words.”). It has nothing to do with any Indian tribe, but that makes no difference to them. One of the players said something at the start of the World Series that “resonates” with me: “This uniform doesn’t say ‘Red Sox,” it says, BOSTON!” He’s right.

“CALL THE COPS’: A school student at Sparks Middle School in Nevada stole a gun from his parents and used it to kill a teacher and himself, after wounding two other students. They did what “authorities” said to do; they called the cops. And the cops dutifully got there—AFTER he had killed the teacher, wounded two other students, and himself. They probably did a good job DOCUMENTING it, but that didn’t help those killed and wounded, did it?

HOW MANY TIMES? How many times do we have to watch Obama signing something into law (I presume it’s his health care swindle law) with that black kid standing at his elbow? I’m getting tired of seeing it. Not because the kid is black, but because he has nothing to do with it except he is a KID, and is being used as a “prop” by this con many pretending to be president.

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