Thursday, October 17, 2013

Terrorist Says, "Be Moral"

Bill Ayers, one of Obama’s best friends, a man who, among other things firebombed a judge’s home at night, and says he “regrets none of it, only that he didn’t do more,” now pretends to tell people to “be moral. What the hell is this fool SMOKING? I guess now he’ll come and bomb MY house. And we (not me) elected one of his “protégés” to the PRESIDENCY?. Are we (not me) stupid, or what?

NOT STUPID: Many people criticize me for “overuse” of the word, “stupid.” But DO I “overuse the word,” considering the abject STUPIDITY of what our politicians DO? They sometimes say I use words that are “too harsh.” But DO I? When actions become stupider and stupider, lesser “harsh” words become meaningless. It’s even getting to the point where my “HARSHEST words” become meaningless. I keep saying the same things over and over (truth) and nobody seems to be listening. At least the people DOING the stupid acts aren’t listening.

McCAIN: “I HOPE GOP LEARNED ITS LESSON: What? The biggest fool in the Republican Party “hopes the GOP learned its lesson?” Maybe OBAMA learned a lesson from this. Yes, he won, THIS time. Tjhe lesson is, it’s going to become harder and harder as more and more INTELLIGENT Republicans arise and overpower the DUMB ones now in power.

INTEREST ON INTEREST: What Obama won the other day is the right to RAISE the borrowing rate so he can borrow more money to pay the INTEREST on money we OWE. We’re STILL paying interest on the $30 BILLION Woodrow Wilson borrowed to wage WWI! That $30 billion has now become $60 billion because we never pay the PRINCIPLE, we just pay the interest, FOREVER. Politicians don’t care about paying down the loans. They just “kick the can down the road” so later politicians can deal with it. And so on . . .

PAY UP FRONT: Under Obama’s health care swindle, the payments you must make before your insurance kicks in are skyrocketing. And hospitals are now starting to insist that you pay these UP FRONT before they treat you. Tell me this isn’t going to mean the DEATH of some people, all due to OBAMACARE. They say “nobody has died from Obamacare” (yet), but soon they aren’t going to be able to say that, and the family members of those dead people are going to make Obama wish he hadn’t been BORN.

STILL PUSHING IT: With all the “glitches,” not just in the web site, it is becoming clear, even to the most STUPID (like Obama) that his swindle isn’t going to work. That it is only going to make people mad, Then madder, and madder, until they snap and start toward the White House with their torches and guns. Is that what he WANTS? A “revolution” to put down so he can be the dictator? So he can declare the Constitution null and void and “rule” to suit himself? He’d better watch out; that “revolution” might be harder to “put down” than he thinks.

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