Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Arm-Twisting" Session

On Oct. 2nd, Obama will host the “leaders of Congress” in a last-ditch “arm-twisting and butt-chewing session” to get them to agree to HIS WAY. They are trying hard to get him to agree to SOME changes in his health care swindle law that a MAJORITY of Americans want no part of. But he is “standing square in the doorway with a baseball bat,” REFUSING to negotiate on ANYTHING while FALSELY blaming the “shutdown” on Republicans.

DON’T BELIEVE THE DEMOCRATS: They’re trying to blame the Republicans for any government shutdown that occurs, but that’s wrong. “The Republicans are not trying to deny anybody health insurance. The Republicans are trying to save the American medical system being from destroyed because it's taken over by the government, and run by people who haven't the foggiest idea what they're doing and don't care. To them, it's simply the latest measure for total control of the people.” (Rush Limbaugh) They’ll bray every way they can that the GOP is responsible, but don’t be taken in by the con. The Republicans aren’t the ones who will not budge.

WHY SHOULD WE “KNUCKLE UNDER?” Obama’s whole theory of why the Republicans are responsible for the possible closing down of the government rests on the necessity for the Republicans to “buckle under” to his wishes. Why should we have to do that? Why doesn’t HE “buckle” to the Republican wishes? HE’S the one who “won’t budge, so if the government gets shut down, it’s HIS FAULT. It’s not the Republican’s responsibility to “knuckle under” to HIS wishes.

A “FORLORN HOPE”: The Israel Prime Minister recently spoke before the UN, saying he hoped, one day, to reach a peaceful compromise with Islam that will allow Israel to live in peace with Palestinians. This is a “forlorn hope.” Palestinians, and ALL Muslims have a deep-seated, irrational hatred of Jews that goes back CENTURIES. It will not end until the Islamic fool “leaders” stop preaching hatred for the Jews to their school children, IN school.

PROF SAYS: CUZ’ HE’S BLACK: Ivy League professor Athena Butler a black woman wearing a bizarre wig says, “You’d have to be blind not to see that race doesn’t play into this stupidity.” Could it be she forgot the same people ELECTED this “half-black” man TWICE? How does she explain that? She doesn’t. As usual, she makes a blatant wrong statement without offering ANY proof and nobody’s listening to this lie any more because it’s been used way too much.

EXPERT TYPISTS? That’s right: Common Core requires 9-year-olds to be “expert typists.” The unfortunate thing is, they probably ARE, since by nine they’ve been texting for years. Maybe Common Core is just recognizing reality while they try to take over the educational system for real. It pains me to report that most states have approved this usurpation of the education of our children so they can condition them properly.

WORDS IN MOUTHS: It really amazes me how Democrats constantly put words in the mouths of their critics, then criticize them on the basis of those words, which they NEVER said. They do this to Rush Limbaugh every day, and to others less often, but often enough. They use this scam to discredit their critics (enemies) by LYING about what they say, AND do..

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