Monday, October 14, 2013

Pravda: "Communism Complete in America"

I don’t know if it’s complete yet, but Obama is bringing it ever nearer every day, and with each move he makes. Sloooowwwllly but surely he “reels us in. Using those fools who only want a “free ride” as his vanguard. And he is aided and abetted by others who simply ignore politics. It is these people who will willingly guide us into communism—and if you are too young to know what communism is, you’d better find our, quick. Or it could be the death of you.

IS THERE ANY QUESTION? News asks the question, “”Is ObamaCare a success, so far?” What? How can they even ASK such a question with Obama’s $600 million dollar web site falling apart on its first day while people who DO get through find that coverage like what they have costs them TWICE or THREE TIMES what they now pay? With only FIVE people “signing up” at several sites? With only 54,000 signing up nationally in the first week? ObamaCare is, so far, a dismal failure, and only wearing the usual media blinders keeps from seeing it.

I’M SENSING A PATTERN HERE: They recently edited Jesus out of a “reality show” to avoid ”offending Muslims.” What? I’ve seen things like that happening a lot lately; banning the 10 Commandments while allowing the “Five Pillars of Islam” in schools and things like that. Banning pictures of Jesus while allowing pictures of Mohammed. Tell me: how many times have pictures of Mohammed been taken down and replaced with a picture of Jesus in a Muslim-run country? None? I didn’t think so. So tell me again, why are we (not me) worried about “offending Muslims?” What a damned fool notion!

THEY’RE REALLY “HARD UP”: They want something, ANYTHING bad to say about Sen. Ted Cruz so bad that they even searched Twitter for nasty comments from his school days. One of the things he picked up was that Cruz “came to college with a book titled, ‘Was Karl Max A Satanist?” Like that was a bad thing. Marx may not have been a “Satanist,” but he was worse than that. His ideas enslaved a nation for 75 years. If they have to go that far to get something on him, they’re really in trouble.

GIBBS: “ROLLOUT EXCRUTIATINGLY EMBARASSING”: That from Obama’s former press secretary, Robert Gibbs. If even his former “liar-in-chief” says something like that, it’s going to be hard to hide it from the rest of us. It’s becoming so obvious that Obama’s health care swindle is failing right at the “gitgo,” that even his former professional liars have stopped lying for him.

ASK A STUPID QUESTION . . . CNN Anchor Candy Crowley had the audacity to ask Rand Paul if he would ever be a member of the Democratic Party. After a moment of opened-mouth, gaping wonder, he laughed. it was that funny. This man is a PROUD Republican and is glad that it was the Republicans who got rid of the “Jim Crow Democrats,” which left HER mouth gaping. What possessed her to ask such a stupid question, I don’t know. But it was good for some light comedy.

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