Saturday, October 5, 2013

Is Creationism Wrong?

It seems to be a perennial argument: but which is right? Creationism or evolution? What nobody seems to think about is this: IS there really a contradiction? Why can’t evolution be a PRODUCT of creationism? Couldn’t evolution be “designed by God” to make things work? The whole world seems to be quite complicated in how it works. Why couldn’t evolution be part of that? But NO! Evolutionists and creationists seem quite content to argue with each other about which one is true. But couldn’t it be both? To argue with either position seems to anger its proponents rather than make any inroads on a solution.

ROKITA IS RIGHT: Rep. Todd Rokita of Indiana told CNN “infobabe” Carol Costello the “media was part of the problem” in the current fight about funding the government, including Obamacare. She predictably “rolled her eyes” and said, “That’s so EASY.” But it’s true. It’s not about funding the government; the Republicans have repeatedly sent up bills to fund the entire government, EXCEPT for Obama’s health care swindle law that a majority of Americans hate and they have been REJECTED by Obama. CNN is in the forefront of obfuscating the issue to make the public think they did NOT.

THEY THINK THEY KNOW IT ALL: People like Cher and other famous people think their fame entitles them to make outrageous statements about things they know nothing about. She recently said, “We should ‘deep six’ their weak as-es” about the Tea Partiers, people who are defending her right to MAKE such stupid statements, among other things. The Tea Parties are  natural outgrowth of the government “taking in too much territory” and violating the constitution on a regular basis.

ONE OF THE BIKERS WAS A COP: Remember that situation where a man ran over a biker because he feared those bikers were going to kill him? Well, one of the bikers was an undercover cop (We think), riding with the bikers. He saw it all but never stepped in to stop this innocent family man from being permanently disabled so as not to “break his cover.” I can see that, but seeing a man permanently paralyzed is not a reason NOT to break his cover. Yes, what he was doing was important; but not at the cost of that man’s life of permanent disability.

BUT NOBODY’S LISTENING! Sen. Rand Paul told CNN infobabe Erin Burnett exactly why Obama closed the government but, like most liberals, she wasn’t listening. He told her they had made many efforts to resolve the issue but Obama had refused to budge an inch. They had presented bills that would fund the entire government EXCEPT for Obama’s health care swindle (that a majority of Americans hate) but they have all been rejected out of hand; many without even so much as a reading. They’re not listening because the Democrats have so efficiently lied about him that people (even some conservatives) think he’s an extremist and nothing he recommends should even be considered.

HYPERINFLATION? WHEN? How long will it be before we see hyperinflation of the kind we saw in Germany just before World War II comes to us? Obama (and The Fed) has been printing money every day with NOTHING valuable behind it for a long time. Every dollar he prints and puts into circulation that way reduces the value of every dollar now in existence, or which will exist in the future. Why haven’t we seen hyperinflation up to now? Because Obama has been “holding it down” by financial manipulations that can’t “keep the lid on much longer. This is the way governments put their hands into your pockets “on the sly” and take out money without you even realizing it. It’s “taxation without Congress.” It needs to be eliminated. I keep saying this, but nobody listens.

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