Thursday, October 31, 2013

"I Dunt No Nuzzing"

That’s what Obama says about EVERYTHING. When it comes to being president, he’s “out to lunch.” Either his staff is completely incompetent when it comes to TELLING him things, or they’re WILFULLY not telling hi things if you believe him. What it more likely is, is that he doesn’t WANT to know about these things so he can CLAIM not to know so he can PRETEND to “fight them” thus, will not be able to be blamed for them. That’s what Rush Limbaugh calls the “Limbaugh Theorum,” and he’s right.

OBAMA RESIGNING WILL NOT WORK: There are a lot of people calling for Obama’s resignation because his policies (all of them) are not working. But that won’t work. Obama ALONE resigning won’t do a THING to reverse the disasters he has caused in his administration. He, AND ALL HIS APPOINTEES need to resign or be FIRED. So maybe some COMPETENT people can be put in place to repair the damage before it destroys us all. Do you think that will ever happen? I think he will try everything he can to stay in office beyond the legal END of his “reign.” If that happens, we will have a “Hitler-style” dictatorship.

ALABAMA-STYLE PRESIDENCY: When the racist Democrat governor of Alabama was up against “term limits” and couldn’t “succeed himself” in office, he simply had his WIFE run in his place and fool Alabama voters elected her for the ONE TERM that she needed to sit in the governor’s chair and relay her husband’s orders until he could be elected again. The WORDING allowed that, and there is similar wording in the U. S. Constitution so liberals are actively pushing Michelle Obama  (or Hillary, the next best thing) to succeed her husband in 2016. Will gullible American voters fall for it? Maybe.

“WE DUNT NO NUZZING”: There’s a barge in San Francisco Harbor with a four-story tall shipping container on it, and the “authorities” don’t know anything about it, or what’s in it. In one of William W. Johnstone’s stories, terrorists sent three ships here containing nuclear bombs, when they went off, it crippled this nation. Is there a nuclear device inside this shipping container? Nobody knows—and it sits there, unopened, while “authorities” run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out what to do about it. Talk about INCOMPETENCE!

WHAT ABOUT THE REALLY POOR? Obama and his liberal friends talk incessantly about ? The poor,” but when he sets up a “health care plan” supposedly to HELP them, he sets it up so the only way they can get in it is through a WEB SITE. Never mind his people are too incompetent to to be able to create a WORKING web site; the very people who need it most can’t AFFORD a computer! And going to the library isn’t going to work because they won’t let them sit on a computer for nine hours or more, waiting for something to happen! And going to a computer rental place like Kinko’s (FedEx now) won’t work, either because the cost for computer rental would be too much. Calling their 800 number just gets them instructed to go to the web site, which doesn’t work. What a fiasco!

YOU CAN KEEP YOUR INSURANCE—UNLESS. . . Obama assured us we could keep the insurance we had if we liked it, PERIOD. What he DIDN’T tell us was that “period” should have been an “asterisk” because there’s something in the “fine print” that says “if your plan changes one ‘jot or tittle” in your coverage your ‘grandfather status’ will END and you will have to buy the more expensive insurance mandated by his law.” Have you ever known an insurance plan that HASN’T changed, many times, while you had it? He knew that, but hid it from you.

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