Sunday, October 13, 2013

If They Let Me Spend More

Obama has signaled that he “might” deal if the Republicans would just let him spend MORE MONEY. Even for a short time. The debt limit does NOT stop him from paying CURRENT bills. He says that, and that is a damnable LIE. All it does is let him SPEND more of our money after he has already spent more money than there IS! What he’s doing now is CRIMINAL and he should be IMPRISONED for it. If ever there was a logical reason for a coup in this country, it is now.

THE WORST KIND OF STUPIDITY: In Middle Township, NJ, you have to obtain a PERMIT to be homeless. I’m really tired of saying this, but how STUPID is that? I can’t make this stuff up, folks! The liberals come up with this fool stuff all the time and make it into law wherever they run things. And they run things in lots of places because they ARE good at winning (maybe stealing) elections. They have people working full time to come up with ideas like this, then it’s law until “wiser heads” change it. They SAY it is free. But how long will it be when it becomes law before they find an excuse to charge for it? There’s a fine of $250 for those caught without a permit. How many homeless people do you know who have $250?

I RESPECT JOHN McCAIN: Just like I respect anybody who has done an admirable job in his life. But I think age has gotten to him. He’s becoming senile, and he’s too senile to know how senile he is. Like dumb people are too dumb to know how dumb they are. Somebody ought to take him aside and have his brain examined. The “vanguard of the conservative” in the last election is now CRITICIZING conservatives. He should get himself checked before he embarrasses himself even more.

A “WHITE REPUBLICAN”: There have been suggestions that we need a “white Republican” to replace Obama. That’s a fool notion, put out there by the REAL racists among us. What we need is SOMEBODY who has some intelligence and is COMPETENT, whatever the color of this skin or his political party. In reality, NEITHER political party has shown much intelligence OR competence lately. We need to find somebody with GONADS, no matter what sex or political party. I suggest Sarah Palin. She frightens both Democrats AND Republicans because she speaks only the truth, no matter who it “offends.” Anybody who tells the truth frightens them.

“YOU’RE A DEADBEAT”: Obama says, “If you can’t pay your mortgage, you’re a deadbeat.” Never mind he created the circumstance that makes paying your mortgage difficult (if not impossible) while reducing they very VALUE of that mortgage. The only deadbeat in the plot is OBAMA himself, who has spent more of OUR money than there IS and wants to spend even more of it. The “shutdown” isn’t about paying our current bills,” as Obama insists. It’s about giving him permission to spend even MORE of our money. Don’t “drink the Kool-Aid.”

"YOUR KIDS BELONG TO US": Oregon Sheriff's Deputy Rob Saxton says, “All your kids belong to us.” And just WHO is “us?” The government, I guess. Where this fool gets this idea, I don’t know. But somebody needs to take him aside and clue him to reality. Our kids belong to US! Not to the government; not to ANYBODY else. He needs to be “slapped down,” just like Obama. It is this kind of thinking that will lead to a "communist America" in the future. Maybe that's what Deputy Saxton wants.

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