Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Killing Is Okay"

Just don’t do it with chemical or nuclear weapons. That seems to be what we’re telling the killer politicians in Syria. “We don’t care how many people you kill, just do it the way we tell you to.” I don’t know what politicians are thinking. I don’t think they ARE thinking. The killing needs to STOP, even if we need to do some ourselves to make it happen.

SEATTLE BANS WORDS: They want to ban words like “citizen” or “brown-bag.” What the HELL are they thinking? Do they think they are some kind of dictators, able to tell people what words they can use in a country run by a Constitution that says we have the freedom to say what we wish, even if it “offends” somebody? Liberals use “PC Speak” to do the same thing, but the federal liberals still don’t think they have the right to put that into LAW—unless Obama gets his law against saying “bad things” about our ENEMIES, the Muslim extremists. Then I will become a criminal, because all I can say about these “scum of the earth” is bad.

NOT IN BUSINESS MUCH LONGER: Well, folks—I may not be in business much longer. Obama doesn’t have the power to make a law against saying anything bad about Muslim extremists. But he wants to. And if he manages to get it done (illegally), he will come to me with his guns in the hands of his (illegal) thugs and I will go to prison (illegally) because there is NOTHING good I can say about these fools who just want to KILL everybody who doesn’t believe the EXACT same way they do, even other Muslims. And I will continue to report the truth about them until they come for me..

HATING PROFIT WHILE MAKING IT: Comedian Russel Brand hates profit—except for the profit HE makes in his profession. What the hell does he think PROPELS this world except for profit? Does he think the people who run the places where he performs do not make a profit on his performances? They’d BETTER, or they would have no INCENTIVE to give him a PLACE to perform. If he didn’t take home some PROFIT for his performances, he’d have no incentive to perform! What a stupid FOOL he is!

CONTROL THE SCHOOLS: Vladmir Lenin, the man who imposed 75 years of slavery on an entire people in Russia (before it collapsed of its own weight due to lack of incentive to produce), tells us how to gain the mind of a nation. He told us early on, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." (Vladimir Lenin). So now you know why liberals (socialists, communists) work so hard to control the curriculum in our schools.

HE SHOULD GO TO HELL: The mastermind of the 9/11 attacks that KILLED 3,000 people recently taunted guards at GITMO with pictures of the Twin Towers (where he got them, I don’t know). That SHOULD have gotten him a good beating. I know it would have if I had been one of his guards, no matter what they did to me, afterwards. Now he’s DEMANDING a laptop. If they’re STUPID, they’ll give him one and he’ll use it to call in some more attacks. This damned fool should be SHOT. Many times, in many places, with only the last being in a deadly place.

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