Monday, October 21, 2013

Jackson: "You Are America's Future"

That’s what he said to a group of Muslims. He’s probably the first “Christian minister” (at least he SAYS he is a Christian minister) ever to do so, since the Muslims ignore or FIGHT Christians everywhere. Doesn’t this FOOL know that if Muslims EVER “took over” in this country, he would be KILLED? For “denying Islam.” He’s the kind of fool that tried (unsuccessfully) to detour the American Revolution and keep this country under the King of England, updated. He finds racism where none exists, and profits from it. So does his buddy, Al Sharpie—er, uh, Sharpton.

“LACK OF INTEREST”: Madison Public Library Foundation scheduled an event where former (former?) domestic terrorist Bill Ayers (a close friend of President Obama) was to speak. But apparently he doesn’t have the “buzz” he used to have among the “literati” because the event was cancelled “for lack of interest.” At least they didn’t want to PAY for it, I guess Ayers could use the extra tine to plan some bombings at Tea Party events. Oh; I forgot. He’s a FORMER terrorist. I always thought being a terrorist was like being a Marine: there ARE no “ex-terrorists.” (No insult to Marines intended, only to terrorists) Even if they DID con their way out of punishment.

BACK IN JAIL: Remember the two convicted murderers who got out of prison with the help of very high quality forged documents? They’re now back in prison, having been found staying TOGETHER in a cheap motel. This shows that they’re not too smart. Not smart enough to have hatched the complicated scheme that got them out of prison. So they’re looking HARD for the people responsible. I predict a BIG shakeup in the Florida prison system.

OBAMA’S BLACKMAIL: Obama “shut down the government” rather than not get his way. And make no mistake: It WAS Obama’s decision to (pretend to) shut down the government until he DID get his way. After a lot of blab, Republicans finally surrendered and let a bill pass that gave him everything he wanted at the very last minute, as usual. What’s to stop Obama from doing the same thing to pass an unconstitutional gun ban?

EVIDENCE OF INTEREST? A Democrat senator says that 10,000 people asking about Obamacare in one stste is “evidence of interest.” I disagree. I think it’s only the people who are afraid of being FINED for NOT being interested in a program that is going to DOUBLE or TRIPLE their cost for the SAME coverage they now have asking about coverage. I think the fact that ZERO or one or two people even asking in other states is much more indicative. It’s indicative of their LACK or interest in this train-wreck” and their opinion that it will collapse of its own weight and unworkability. The IMPORTANT figure is going to be how many actually SIGN UP for this program regardless of the cost. And those figures are a closely guarded secret; for a good reason.

“SHAM-WOW” SALESMAN: That’s what Obama sounded like on television today, in his effort to sell his health care swindle law to the country. You know, that law that Nancy Peelosi said “We must pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” So they passed it and we’re now finding out what’s in it, and we don’t like it. It’s already law and everybody MUST “sign up” for it, despite the fact of its unconscionably high expense and a “train-wreck” in its enforcement.

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