Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Doesn't Sebilius Get fired?

The answer is simple: She’s doing exactly what Obama wants her to do. And she’s so arrogant she doesn’t think she works for the American people, though they pay her amazingly large salary and perks. She serves at the “pleasure” of the president. And he is getting much “pleasure” out of her performance. The web site is bad, but the basic PROGRAM it is supporting is worse. Why should we worry about this fool web site when what’s behind it is so bad. That web site is the only thing slowing down its imposition upon us.

MAKE IT OPTIONAL: One member of the Air Force objected to the phrase, “So help me God” in his oath, so the Air force wants now to make that phrase “optional.” They don’t like getting up early every morning, either; or marching in formation. So why not make that “optional,” too. How about the wearing of that “bus-driver” looking uniform and having to shine their shoes? Some don’t like that, either. So why not make THAT optional, too.

WILL YOU SHOOT AMERICANS? That’s a question being asked of soldiers in the military. It is also being asked of their officers and those who answer “no,” are fired. Obama is preparing for a revolution and is trying as hard as he can to CREATE one so he can have an excuse to MURDER civilians and make it LOOK legal. Boy, am I glad I’m old and tired and will probably not survive the war anyway. Obama is a criminal and a fool. It might just be more of a job than he can handle to “put down” the “Second American Revolution.”

JUST SHOOT HIM: The “mastermind” of the Twin Towers attack in Sept, 2001, after “taunting” his guards at GITMO with pictures of the Twin Towers burning, now DEMANDS a laptop computer at taxpayer’s expense so he can “prepare his (long-delayed) case. What the hell does he need a computer for? That’s what he’s got lawyers for—and they have plenty of computers. I think we need to just SHOOT him. He has confessed—no, BRAGGED about running that operation, so why waste so much money trying him. He SHOULD have been shot when he was captured.

STICKER SHOCK: That’s what Obama wants to avoid by LYING to you about what your health insurance is going to cost you: TWICE what you pay now, on average, when he PROMISED his swindle would LOWER your costs. They don’t want you to know the cost of what you “sign up” for until AFTER you sign up for it, and then they will not let you out of that contract. They only get you to their fool web site on the THREAT of fines and then “take you to the cleaners” when you go there. Even the liberal media is catching on now and is coming out against it.

IS HE AN ATHEIST? “Author and world-renowned biologist Richard Dawkins said Friday he is confident that President Barack Obama is an atheist.” (The Blaze)  But who cares? Unless he tries to push his beliefs on all of us, which he IS doing. But I don’t believe he is an atheist. He is either a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer. Everything he does concerning Muslims benefits the Muslims. And if what he wants to enact (a law making ANY criticism of Muslims a crime) goes into effect, that statement will make ME  a criminal. And I don’t give a damn. I will NEVER stop criticizing the Muslim leadership because I believe it is corrupt. It’s NOT a “religion,” It’s  political system MASQUERADING as a religion.

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