Saturday, October 26, 2013

No Respect for Life

There are way too many CHILDREN killing people these days. One of the latest being the 17-year-old boy who MURDERED a teacher, shot TWO other students, then killed himself; and the 12-year-old elsewhere who killed a teacher in the school bathroom. Then there's the arrogant teen girl who bullied a girl to death and didn't "give a f--k."Anti-gun fools blame this on too easy access to guns, but I blame it on the LACK of respect for human life reflected in the Supreme Court decision to allow parents to MURDER the result of unprotected sex rather than use a rubber or other protection, for their own convenience.

“IT’S AMATEURISH”: A well-known computer expert who has designed much more complicated web sites for a lot less money says the whole ObamaCare web site looks to him like it was designed by amateurs who have never been paid before to design a web site, that it looked like they found unemployed people on the street, gave them a “crash course” in writing code, and turned them loose. Meanwhile, they interfered in the process, changing requirements routinely AFTER a certain part had been completed, and thus slowing the process.

HE CAN’T “SPIN THIS TURD”: I don’t often agree with Jon Stewart, but even a broken clock is right twice a day, and he’s absolutely right when he calls Obama’s health care swindle law a “turd.” It gets pretty bad when Obama’s actions even turn off the worst liberals in the land. And Jon Stewart is one of those. But you can’t argue with truth, even if truth so rarely comes out of Stewart’s mouth.

SCREWLOOSE: That’s the only explanation I can think of for Democrat Rep. Jon Conyers to describe this 382,000-word health care swindle law law as a “small and modest bill.” Is he THAT stupid? Apparently. It wasn’t a joke when he told it; at least, not to him. Only a Democrat could BE so stupid and not get even a single remark from the media after making such a stupid remark in public. They expect it of Democrats. And Democrats never  disappoint them.

OBAMA “WAVES HIS WAND”: Suddenly us “subjects” will have until March 31 to "sign up" for his MANDATORY health care swindle at twice the price. Funny; I always thought when a law was made and such deadlines were a part of it, that was IT. To change it would take another law, passed by Congress and THEN signed by Obama. But NO! Obama just “plunks his magic twanger” like “Froggy the Gremlin” (that was a LONG time Ago) and suddenly the date changes. And it’s LEGAL! (he says).

WORST ADVICE EVER: Mike Rowe, best known for his entertaining Ford car commercials, has identified it when he saw a poster in a school counselor’s office showing a happy college graduate and, on the other side, a sad-looking person doing an obviously menial job, with the words, “Work Smart, Not Hard.” And they’re right, but not just as regards a COLLEGE education, which has “priced itself out of the market” today. $150,000.00 is way too much to prepare a person for life in this world. Meanwhile, only about 12% of jobs require a college education.

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