Saturday, October 12, 2013

Obama Creates Jobs!

For sign makers, at least. I see new signs being made to close all kinds of government and non-government places at Obama’s orders. Each closing requires at least one new sign, and often a LOT of signs. That creates many jobs for lots of sign makers. As  former sign maker (painter, really) myself, I appreciate that. It also makes work for Park Rangers and other kinds of cops to enforce (I used to be in security, too) Obama’s will on the populace. They probably had to buy lots more guns for these “cops” to carry.

JAY CARNEY’S “TELL”: every Poker player knows that every player has at least one “tell” they can use to see what they’re going to do. For some people it’s rubbing their mouth or scratching their head or some such. I think I’ve found the Jay Carney “tell” he unconsciously does when telling a lie. It’s a small mouth movement he does that resembles a momentary smile without showing his teeth. He does it all the time during his “lie-fests” for Obama. If he lies any more, his mouth is going to freeze that way.

A BAN ON SMALL BLACK CARS: There’s a rumor going around that Obama is considering a ban on small black cars after that young girl ran from the cops in DC and actually got close to Obama’s house (ours, really), but Obama lives there right now) before panicked cops killed her in front of her children, who were in the car. So if you have a small black car, you might want to consider getting something else, or at least, painting it another color. With the liberals (Democrats) blaming the inanimate objects whenever something frightens them (such as guns) it’s very possible this may be true. They might ban them for you, but not for themselves. That’s the way they usually do things. But they like large black cars.

TYPICAL DOUBLE STANDARD: The press made a big thing about the then President Bush’s poll numbers falling to 37%. It took THREE YEARS into his second term to do it and they touted it to the skies. Now, after little after one year from Obama’s latest “immaculation,” HIS has gone down to 37% and the headline is “GOP Blamed for Shutdown” when it’s all Obama’s fault. Not a word about it in the media. NO damned wonder so many people who “don’t pay attention to politics” are so ignorant about this con man in the White House.

“NO LEGAL AUTHORITY”: Members of Obama’s government says, they “have no authority to pay” military death benefits to the families of slain soldiers. That’s a load of bullsh-t and a travesty, sponsored by this tyrant wanna-be, Obama. I hate to use such language, but it’s getting to the point where anything less doesn’t say it any more. All that needs to happen is for Obama to order them to do so, regardless of the law. Obama has ignored the law and the Constitution in many cases, and he wants to make it “as hard as possible” on ALL Americans until the Republicans go against their most basic principles and “knuckle under” to his whims.

TERRORISTS KNOW WE CAN’T HURT THEM: They know they won’t be tortured, not even such a simple method of “waterboarding,” which Obama has sworn off of (Even though if anybody needed torture, they do). They have NO incentive to talk, about ANYTHING. Yes, one of the most recent captures is being “held” on a ship at sea, supposedly to keep him away from U. S. laws. But I don’t think he’s telling them ANYTHING because NOTHING is happening to him except for his loss of freedom for a while. He KNOWS he will eventually enter the U. S. Justice System and that does not frighten him, in any way. If I were running things, I’d shoot him on the spot of capture so he can’t be used to get others freed.

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