Friday, October 11, 2013

Poverty Rate Increases

Obama makes a big thing out of that. But what he doesn’t mention is that HE CAUSED IT. Everything he does creates more poverty and more people IN poverty. That’s how people pushing collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism) operate; create as much poverty as possible, then promise to alleviate it, and all you have to do is vote to keep them in power. This is such an old con I’d be surprised if anybody bought it, if I didn’t know there are so many people who just want a “free ride.” That’s Obama’s constituency.

“ALL FOR SHOW”: Harry Reid says this whole shutdown “Is all for show.” And he’s right. It IS “all for show.” And it’s HIS SHOW. He and his boss, Obama want us to THINK it’s all the REPUBLICAN’S show, but it’s not. It’s THEIR show. It’s all designed to give Obama more (of our) money to spend. He doesn’t think we’re smart enough to know that, but he’s wrong. Obama doesn’t control the media nearly as much as presidents used to, and the truth IS “getting through.” That’s what will END him and people like him.

Communist Van Jones (self-described) criticizes Ted Cruz for being a patriot. He seems to think that just because members of Cruz’s own party think he’s a fool, they’re right. Actually, it’s people like Jones who are the fools for believing in communism, which is nothing but legalizing THEFT from earners to benefit the lazy. Why does the media make so much of the brayings of this fool? Meanwhile they criticize a man who is telling it true.

TALK ABOUT SPITE! Obama has ordered that handles be removed from drinking fountains in parks frequented by joggers. It costs so much, you know, to keep those handles “in service!” What a spiteful bastard this Obama is! He isn’t “getting his way” so he orders his minions to “make it as hard on us as possible.” He needs to be tarred and feathered.

SOCIALISM NEEDS PRODUCERS: Socialism produces nothing. It FEEDS off those who DO produce new wealth. It feeds off them and if there aren’t any, socialism doesn’t even work for the short time it usually does. That tells me socialism is useless. It merely STEALS from the producer of wealth and “redistributes” that stolen to those who aren’t willing to work to support themselves. Socialism promoters don’t tell people that, because a “by-product” of socialism is POWER for those running things. These are things not generally known, which accounts for the TEMPORARY success of some socialist governments.

OBAMA, QUIT OBSTRUCTING: Obama blames the Republicans for “obstructing the process” and causing the “shutdown,” but that’s a LIE. The big obstructor is OBAMA. He has signaled that he WILL NOT NEGOTIATE. In other words, it’s ‘my way or the highway.” All the Republicans need to do is SURRENDER and it’ll be over. He accuses CONGRESS of being “traitors” and even “terrorists” for not surrendering to his every whim. Somebody needs to slap this fool down.

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