Friday, October 18, 2013

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Sen. John McCain, the most IGNORANT Republican in DC, went on the air the other night to say that people don’t like the Republican Party because of what they just did in forcing the governmental shutdown. What? How STUPID is that? We need to send this senile old man home with his tail between his legs. And to think: we ALMOST elected him PRESIDENT!

“KICK THE CAN”: That’s what we’ve done after sixteen days with Obama PRETENDING to “close down the government” (at least that part important to US, but not that part dedicated to collecting tax money or making laws to increase taxes). Come February, we’ll be fighting the same fight until the Republicans “surrender” again, and then we’ll do it all again next summer. Is THIS competent governing? I don’t THINK so!

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: They’re talking about the 12-year-old girl who committed suicide after being bullied for a long time by other girls and they want to punish the PARENTS for that. That is SO typical! The “child protectors” spend all their time convincing kids that their parents have NO authority over them, than they should NEVER physically punish them, Then, when they predictably get in trouble, they want to punish the PARENTS! Liberals teach kids that they are NOT responsible for their actions and make it difficult for parents to control them, and then wonder why they won’t take responsibility for their actions. And people wonder why I use the word “STUPID” so much?

“IF INTERNET DIDN’T EXIST”: Anthony Weiner says, “I’d be mayor if the Internet didn’t exist.” What? Does that mean he is a politician bemoaning the fact he didn’t get away with sending out pictures of his penis if not for the Internet? If the dog hadn’t stopped to crap he’d have caught the rabbit, too! Is that supposed to be a BAD thing? It amazes me how some people THINK! Politicians more than most.

CHRIS MATTHEWS MAKES “OUTRAGEOUS STATEMENT”: So what? That’s news? Matthews hardly goes a day without making an “outrageous statement.” This one wonders if “Tea Partiers” count blacks as 3/5 of a person when talking about taxation and representation. I can’t believe his bosses are STUPID enough to keep this fool working. But they must be, or he’d have been fired long ago, and forced to go to work for al-Jazeera.

“TIME TO STOP LISTENING TO BLOGGERS”: That’s what Obama says. I guess because it’s bloggers tell the truth about him while the liberal media “carries his water.” He’s made silly remarks like this before. One time he told people they should stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. I guess they tell too much truth on him, too, and he wants people to stop listening to them.

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