Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bullying--Big Deal?

There’s a big deal about bullying going on right now after a teenaged girl committed suicide after being bullied at school. I don’t know what the big thing is about this, even though bullying led to her suicide. I was bullied in grade school until I took my dad’s advice and went up to my main bully and slugged him. We fought for a long time after that, traveling an entire city block, crossing one main street, until a barber broke it up. The bully was bleeding from the ear and I was still ready to fight. That convinced ALL my bullies that bullying me would no longer be easy so they left me alone after that. I even had friendly relations with the main one later as an adult.

DISRUPTIVE INFLUENCE: That’s what liberals call the Tea Parties. Why? Because they don’t “go along to get along” like other politicians do. What IS a “disruptive influence?” It’s somebody who “makes waves” and criticizes the incumbents, right or wrong. The fact that the Tea Parties are right doesn’t make any difference to the elite liberals now in power. They are “disrupting” the liberals’ influence, so they’re “bad.” When they win and the liberals are out, THEY become the “disruptive influence.”

DOES BILL HAVE A SON? A black prostitute’s son CLAIMS his father is Bill Clinton (Sorry, PC Police. I don't use your "Weasel words."). It’s only a rumor, “Taken care of” by Bill and Hillary’s old “Bimbo Invasion” group. It’s been around for a while, but both Bill and Hillary have denied it. With Bill’s record, I wouldn’t put it past him, not only to father a child by a prostitute, but to deny it and not give a PENNY for support of his son. Just leave him on his own, along with his mother. The way he operates, he probably has several children out there, unbeknownst to him.  Don’t see how he avoided it. Bill has been one of the biggest “ladie's men” out there, using his political pull to both get women and dismiss it when he’s “found out.”

CRUZ FRIGHTENS THE “ELITE”: So Harry Reid comes out and calls him a “laughingstock.” In reality, its Reid, and his minority counterpart in the House, Nancy Peelosi, that are the laughingstocks. Another laughingstock is Hillary Clinton, who is now campaigning for yet another Democrat fool, Terry McAulliffe, who had his stint as Democrat Party Chairman and did as much damage as he could in that job. Harry is a fool among fools. Now he’s running for governor so he can do even more damage. The only thing people like Harry are good at is getting elected, and using the power thus gained to push things we HATE upon us.

GIVING THE ENEMY AIR TIME: I’m sitting here with the sound off on my television. I turned it off a couple of minutes into Hillary’s braying about why she thinks we should all go out and vote for Terry McAuliffe for governor of Virginia. Not only are her reasons silly, the whole IDEA of Terry McAuliffe as a governor of ANYTHING and give him that much power is ludicrous. And I got tired of hearing her braying CNN gives a lot of time to the braying of fool such as Hillary. But you’ll see nothing about his opponent, except insults and lies.

WHAT FOOLS ISLAMICS BE! An “Islamic cleric” says the reason they don’t like women driving is because it “damages her ovaries,” which is a bunch of BS. That’s just an excuse to excuse them not letting women drive. They probably think Islamic women burn more easily than other women so that’s why they insist on them wearing that Jabib. But what it is, they’re so scared that another man might look at their women and want them, while they think they have nothing to keep them except to hide them. So they “hide them away.” They think if a man looks at them and likes them, they’re incapable of withstanding it.

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