Friday, November 1, 2013

Health Care Swindle

That’s all I can call it. It was a swindle from the word go, designed to force us into a “single-payer system,” which is what Obama wants. He LIED when he said you could keep your current system if you wished, and made part of the LAW that a change OF ANY KIND would negate that, cancel your current program, and FORCE you onto his. What insurance program do you know of that has NOT had MINOR or MAJOR changes in a year? It was PLANNED that way.

SOFTBALL QUESTIONS: HHS Secretary Sebilius finally is “testifying” before “Congress.” And she’s lying through her teeth, as is the case with most Obama connivers. Congresspeople are helping by giving her “softball questions” she answers with aplomb, telling us nothing we didn’t already know. It’s a study in foolishness on both sides and will net us nothing while costing us plenty—which is also standard operating procedure in Washington, UNLESS the person they’re questioning” is a Republican. Once in a while somebody slips in a REAL question and everybody goes insane, with wild accusations and insults.

THEY’RE AFRAID OF HIM! If you believe Obama’s insistence on so many occasions that he was not aware of certain things a president NEEDS to know so as to be exempt from responsibility for it, there has to be a reason why he is unaware of so many important things. I personally believe it’s a damned lie. Something he’s KNOWN for. But maybe there’s something else he’s known for, too—and that’s why nobody ever tells him and bad news. He is known to react so violently when given bad news that nobody is WILLING to do it. Hence, if he knows something, he has to find out on his own.

THEY’RE SHOOTING TSA AGENTS: A shooter at Los Angeles Airport is reported to have killed one TSA Agent and wounded another before being “taken down” and shot in the leg. They’re shooting TSA agents but nobody apparently hates the architect of ALL our problems, including our health care woes enough to go after him. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not SUGGESTING somebody should do so (So you NSA agents monitoring me don’t send Obama’s thugs after me). I’m just wondering why nobody HAS while they go out and shoot his AGENTS, who are simply doing what he tells them to do. It’s a strange world we live in!

IT’S NOT WORKING: The “Rush Limbaugh Theorum” is that Obama claims to “know nothing” about the scandals that arise from his fool actions so he won’t be BLAMED for the problems they cause. But it’s not working. He’s becoming so outrageous that even his friends in the liberal media are deserting him and calling him to account for his fool actions. His “approval ratings” (DISAPPROVAL ratings, actually) are in the toilet while he spins his garbage about his health care swindle law.

ACTING LIKE A DICTATOR: Obama is acting like a dictator, personally making changes in the way his health care swindle law is enforced on his own initiative (which is unlawful) and giving illegal waivers to his cronies in the unions and elsewhere. If somebody doesn’t “grow a pair” and DO something about the illegal things he has been doing, soon he will go his merry way into retirement, having screwed up the works, at our expense.

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