Monday, September 9, 2013

Is Obama A Member?

An Egyptian newspaper says Obama is a MEMBER of the Muslim Brotherhood. I don’t THINK so. I know he’s stupid, but not THAT stupid. But he IS a sympathizer. You can tell that by his every decision regarding Muslims in this country. Egyptians also say they have EVIDENCE that would send Obama to PRISON. But they won’t show it to us, which tells me it’s phony. I wish it WERE true. But you just can’t depend on anything Islamic extremists tell you because it’s usually a LIE. Part of their ongoing propaganda campaign against us.

TYPICAL LIBERAL BULLSH-T: They’re giving Hillary the “Liberty Medal” one day before the anniversary of Benghazi, her “day of infamy.” They always do things like that: “in your face” awards for people who not only do NOT deserve them, but should be in PRISON for their actions. If it weren’t for John Kerry, I’d say Hillary was the WORSE Secretary of State, ever. But then we’ve had SEVERAL lousy people in that job. Which is one reason we’re so screwed up today internationally.

INVESTIGATING ARIEL CASTRO’S SUICIDE: What the hell for? He decided to give himself a death sentence that was a lot faster than that offered by the state. So what? Good riddance to bad rubbish. He did it to himself. Unless somebody conspired to allow another prisoner to get into his cell and hang him. But instead of punishing that prisoner, I recommend giving him a medal. Ariel is a guy who doesn’t deserve to be alive. Some people are just that way.

ANOTHER MILLION DOLLAR VACATION: Obama is leaving for yet another vacation, again at taxpayer expense. Even if he does “pay for” some of the expenses, it still is up to the taxpayer to pay for several planeloads of security personnel and media to go with him and to pay for their hotel rooms. We probably pay for their prostitutes, too, under some other name. Liberals point out that Bush took several vacations, too. But Bush had an economic bonanza dating from Reagan’s cutting taxes going for him and wasn’t spending millions several times a month for vacations while the rest of the nation was suffering, as Obama is.

$500 M TO PALESTINIANS: Speaking of Obama’c continued support for Islamic extremists, he has sent $500 MILLION in taxpayer money (that doesn’t exist) to the Palestinians to help them in their quest to “push Israel into the sea.” NO similar grant to Israel, which is supposed to be our staunchest ally in the area. Why are we “propping up” the Palestinians, who are KNOWN Islamic extremists? Because Obama wants to, that’s why.

NO HEALTH INSURANCE FOR THEM: Obama’s call center to support his health care swindle law will not be giving its employees health insurance. This is representative of he hypocrisy of the Obama administration. Demand people BUY your health insurance while denying it to your own employees. People ask Obama about things like this and get no answer. Typical.

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