Monday, September 23, 2013

Banning the Bible

I’m getting various e-mail messages the theme of which is, “What if Obama banned your Bible?” That’s stupid! Obama does NOT have the kind of power to do that, and if he did he’d be assassinated. Frankly, I’m surprised he hasn’t already been. Not that I’m advocating it. There: I used that word; assassinated. That’ll get me at least a visit from the thugs in dark suits and sunglasses and I’ll give them each one sheet of toilet paper to use the way a certain actress said we should—only on their mouths when they spout a similar brown substance from there.

MORE STUPID BLATHER: Nancy Peelosi is a fool. Every time she opens her mouth she reinforces that. Like when  she said, “You have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it,” and more recently when she said, “Republicans hate Obama because he’s brilliant and completely eloquent.” Actually, we hate the socialist POLICIES he espouses that are destroying this economy. And he is NEITHER “eloquent” NOR “brilliant.” He can’t put three words together without his teleprompter, which he needs to address third graders in a school.

NO GLOBAL WARMING: The globe has NOT been “warming” for at least the last FIFTEEN YEARS. What a BLOW to the global warming swindlers with AlGore at the top, along with now the United Nations, who now want to discipline people for not agreeing with this swindle. So he changed the name to “climate change,” which is sufficiently bland that it can be used to describe ANYTHING. Meanwhile he keeps on making MILLIONS on his swindle. When they gave him a Nobel for his “work” in this area, I lost complete confidence in the Nobel Committee. Then they gave one to Obama for NOTHING. Way to destroy your credibility!

DURBIN IS HARD TO FIND: The Blaze tried for days to “pin down” Sen. Durbin about his promotion of an Islamic ACTIVIST as a  VICTIM of “Israeli oppression” while she posted obscene words against Israel on her Facebook site. His many “aides,” who don’t seem to have last names, worked HARD to convince Blaze reporters he wasn’t there while he was probably standing right next to them cowering, hoping they don't get through..

OBAMA’S “WAR ON COAL”: The “powers that be” in Ayn Rand’s prophetic “Atlas Shrugged” waged a “war on coal” by stealing the profits made by coal producers. Obama is doing it by over-regulation, making it impossible for coal producers to make any money or to even OPERATE. In any case, he wants to DESTROY the coal industry without any VIABLE replacement (He has VOWED to BANKRUPT the coal industry using the “global warming swindle” as his excuse). In doing so, he will also destroy the ENERGY industry and "turn the lights out" on society. But he doesn’t care as long as he gets his way.

FOOD STAMP CONTROVERSY: They give Food Stamps to just about anybody, able-bodied, or not. Consequently, people who really NEED it can’t get it. I know of at least one 76-year-old man who can just barely walk and can’t work who gets “Food Stamps. A whole $16 worth a month! That’s not help, it’s an INSULT Why? Because he gets $825 a month Social Security (about HALF what is needed and for which he paid in for years at the point of a gun), which is counted as INCOME and he is not allowed to get more than $16 worth, even if he has to eat dog food.

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