Friday, September 20, 2013

Atheists Burn 9/11 Memorial

What is it about being an atheist that makes people do things like that? If atheists HAD a symbol, would Christians burn it? I don’t THINK so! I know some atheists who wouldn’t think about doing such a thing. It’s not being an ATHEIST that makes people be such damned fools, it’s being a MILITANT atheist. These people just want to make trouble and claim the “atheist” mantle to “legitimize” their atrocities.

Why? Sharia Law violates our Constitution in everything it does so why do they need a LAW against it. We already HAVE one: the Constitution. Making a law against it actually legitimizes it in some ways. There is NO WAY Sharia Law can be instituted in the Unites States without a major change in our Constitution—and that’s not going to happen unless we get a LOT of REALLY STUPID politicians. Which might just happen with today's voters.

FED JUDGE LEGALIZES ISLAM: He has named Islam as an “official and protected religion” in America. Why? Why is it necessary? Or even advisable? Islam is NOT a religion; it’s a political system PRETENDING to be a religion so it can take advantage of the rights and privileges normally reserved for religions. It’s not even a CULT! It’s a “religion of fools,” believed in ONLY by fools. Of course, they’ll call me some kind of bigot for saying this, but that’s one of the PRIVILEGES reserved to RELIGIONS. They say it’s a religion; I say it’s NOT. If it’s not, how can I be a bigot for actually telling the truth.

ELIMINATING THE WHITE RACE: That’s what a Harvard professor wants to do. Noel Ignatiev, professor of “black studies” (a racist bunch) wants to destroy the white race. It is not said if this professor is black or white, but I’d suspect he’s black. Why would a WHITE professor want to eliminate HIMSELF? If a white professor wanted to eliminate the BLACK race, it would be extensively covered in the news and he’d be fired. The hypocrisy is breathtaking! And they call ME a racist for reporting this crap. Reading further reveals he IS white, which makes him even MORE stupid. He says “only committed white racists disagree with him,” which only adds to his stupidity. And people like this are TEACHING our kids!

ZIMMERMAN’S WIFE LIES: You remember Zimmerman, don’t you? The man who killed a young black thug who was trying to kill him and was acquitted? She called the cops and said Zimmerman was threatening her and her family with a gun. That got the cops moving fast. But when they got there, there was no evidence of a gun and she recanted her statement that he HAD a gun. they still "roughed him up" and put him in cuffs. Cops are still “investigating,” maybe hoping to get SOMETHING on him; anything. He’s still an Obama target, you know. He will be as long as Obama is in any way listened to in Washington.

WHEN WILL WE OPEN OUR EYES? Obama may not be an “official” Muslim, but he is DEFINITELY a sympathizer by his own words: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” How plain can he BE? Every time he gets to “rule” on something where Islam is involved, he “rules” FOR Islam. What else do we need? Damn, I hate to have to repeat this so many times while Americans ignore things like this! Meanwhile they call me a racist for bringing this to your attention. Today it’s racist to tell the truth about our president. Damn, what FOOLS are some Americans!

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