Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Obama Is "Tone-Deaf"

That’s what Politico is wondering about Obama after he made a short, perfunctory statement about the Navy Yard killings the day after, then launched into his vindictive tirade against Republicans being responsible for everything bad that is happening in this world today. The media “wishes they had yesterday back,” but people with intelligence wish they had the last five years or more back. We need to “wipe the slate clean” of everything Obama has “decreed” for us.

MICHELLE SHOULD SHUT UP: Michelle Obama is not satisfied with the many ways she has already tried to mess up our lives, including her effort to feed school kids ONLY “healthy food” against their will (which the kids handled by throwing her food in the trash) and by telling people to drink ONLY “plain water,” is now trying to get food makers to stop advertising sugary and salty items to kids. And Mister Important (Obama) is backing her. There’s no LAW against such advertising, but the very fact she says it makes food makers “nervous” being intimidated by Michelle’s big mouth.

LIBRALS COMPLIMENT RUSH: They complained to several liberal media outlets, complaining that Rush is responsible for everything they consider bad in the world. How stupid is that? Rush merely speaks truth on the radio, and that counters the liberal lies told daily all over the liberal media. And THIS is “being responsible for everything bad?” What damned fools they are! When they do that, they’re giving Rush a BIG compliment. They’re telling him he is succeeding in exposing their swindles and scams.

“MOVING OUT OF AMERICA”: That’s what some people said the Navy Yard killer wanted to do because he didn’t like it here. But where would he go? Where is there a country that is better than America? Be REAL, now! Some socialist-believers might think Britain or some other socialist countries are good candidates, but none are. When examined in total, there is NOT another country better than the United States. That’s a fact. Not conjecture.

DON’T LISTEN TO THEM! Democrats are constantly “advising” Republicans on what to do to win elections. And Republicans LISTEN and tailor their actions to what DEMOCRATS tell them to do. Do they really think Democrats CARE if they win elections or not? (Yes, they do. They want them to LOSE.) One example is their “advice” before the last election NOT to criticize Obama because “the independents” (upon whose votes they say ALL elections turn) don’t like it. Republicans listened, and criticism of Obama went WAY down—and Obama won a second term in spite of all the outrages he performed.

GUANTANAMO DETAINEE KILLED IN SYRIA:  Sheik Abu Ahmad al Muhaji, who spent five years in GITMO, went back to the fight, and was killed fighting with the Islamic terrorists fighting the ASSad regime in Syria. This confirms the fact that when these murderers are released from GITMO (why?) they go back and swell the ranks of terrorists further. This news is good riddance to bad rubbish.

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