Thursday, September 19, 2013

Convert Or Die!

That’s how Muslims swell their ranks. They gain control and then tell members of ALL other religions (and atheists) to “convert to Islam or DIE.” Then when you do, you’ll never be able to change because to move away from Islam is also a DEATH sentence. What a religion! People MUST convert or die, then they cannot become something else, or they die. This is how Muslims get, and keep “believers.” Whether or not they DO “believe.” And they don’t really care if you believe, so long as you act that way and follow orders. I feel sorry for Muslims.

GET READY TO GO: Obama says forcefully that he’s NOT going to “put boots on the ground” in Syria; so the young people today better get ready to go. It has been my experience that when Obama says he’ll do it, he won’t. Conversely, if he says he won’t, he damn sure WILL. So “boots on the ground in Syria” is almost a certainty. Get ready for it.

THEY HAVE “HEARD FROM US!” Former President Bush stood in the rubble of the two collapsed buildings of the 9/11 Muslim atrocity and told the terrorists who brought those buildings down (albeit completely by accident) that they’d “soon hear from us.” And they did. Bush’s detractors criticize him for invading Iraq and “taking down” Saddam, but Saddam was a principle architect of Islamic terrorism while PRETENDING to be “above it all. He wasn’t, and Bush is an “unsung hero” for “taking him down” and removing his “safe harbor” for terrorists.

THEY REFUSE TO ALLOW US TO TALK TO BENGHAZI SURVIVORS: Why? Because Obama is sorely AFRAID we’ll find out what REALLY happened in Benghazi. That’s because what he did to allow four embassy people, including his own ambassador, to DIE while HE refused to help. I say “HE” because ONLY he could give a “stand down” order in such circumstances; and to do so is to become a MURDERER. This man NEEDS to be IMPEACHED and removed from office because he is a CRIMINAL.

THEY GAVE A MARCH AND NOBODY CAME: You’ve heard about the “Million Muslim March” on Washington. What you HAVEN’T heard is that only a few hundred Muslims came. Apparently this march wasn’t as important to Muslims as Muslim leaders would have you believe. The “Million Rider March” drew HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS  of bikers, but you won’t see anything about it in the press because Obama has decreed that you won’t.

NO PERMITS: They quickly gave permits to the organizers of the “Million Muslim March,” which fizzled when only a few hundred Muslims showed up. But they FEFUSED to give a permit to the organizers of the “2 Million Bike March” because Obama decreed it. He also decreed that there would be no news coverage of it and there has been none. The Blaze covered it, but then The Blaze is fearless, as is its founder, Glenn Beck. I LOVE that man!

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