Thursday, September 26, 2013

The REAL Racists

Democrats like to paint Republicans as racists and bigots, but THEY are the REAL racists and always have been. One Democrat member of Congress was actually a high-ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan; several other well-known Democrat members were KNOWN racists. The people Martin Luther King fought against were DEMOCRATS. Jim Crow was a Democrat. It was Democrat policies that held black people down and it was REPUBLICANS who finally set them free. It was a Republican PRESIDENT who fought a war to free them. So who are the REAL racists?

GOVERNMENT COUNTERFEITING: I’m getting real tired of making this assertion, but nobody seems to want to do anything about it, so they get away with it. If I started printing money, I’d go to PRISON, quick. But when Obama does it, nobody does anything about it. They even ANNOUNCE they’re going to keep on doing it, creating TRILLIONS of dollars in “Monopoly money.” They even give it a name: “Quantitative Easing.” They truthfully say that every dollar counterfeited and distributed lowers the value of every dollar now out there AND every dollar that is printed. But they conveniently fail to mention it with regard to their own counterfeiting operations.

ASSAD: “YOU PAY FOR IT!” He says it will cost a billion dollars to get rid of the chemical weapons he insisted he didn’t have, and he wants US to pay for it. What gall this fool has! He kills his people by the thousands, then sends US the bill for destroying his chemical weapons (that he said he didn’t have). I hope somebody kills him soon. If there was ever anybody who didn’t deserve to be alive, it is this guy.

THE RICH GET RICHER: The Democrats talk a good game, but they don’t produce. They tell you they’re going to “narrow the gap” between the rich and the rest of us. But their every act WIDENS the gap as they print a TRILLION dollars’ worth of “funny money” every year and invest it in the stock market. Yes, a few pension plans benefit, but the people who benefit the most are the already rich. But people who count don’t notice this, or are even the very ones who benefit from it. So they keep on keeping on, gaily printing “funny money,” and stealing from your pocket. I keep saying this and nobody notices.

WHY ARE THE “POOR” FAT? One thing I’ve noticed is that a majority of “poor people” on welfare are overweight. Why is that? If they’re so poor, how can they manage to eat enough to be (in some cases) grossly overweight? This is not a “knock” on overweight people. It is a “knock” on people on WELFARE being overweight. If they’re getting enough on welfare to become overweight, there’s something wrong here!

CHICAGO NOW MOST VIOLENT CITY: It just passed New York City in the number of gun deaths in the city. Both cities have some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation. Does ANYBODY take note of this and make their laws accordingly? No. They’re “tone deaf.” They don’t want to stop gun violence, they want to disarm Americans to make us weaker when  they come after our property.

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