Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Shall Make NO Law"

What part of “shall make NO LAW regarding freedom of press” don’t they understand? Congress is making a new law they SAY aids freedom of the press, but does NOT and simply attempts to eliminate bloggers from the protection of the First Amendment by DEFINING them as NOT "journalists." They want to be able to DEFINE who IS or is NOT a “journalist.” We need no law to “aid” freedom of the press. It is very simply GUARANTEED in the Constitution itself and that needs NO clarification. NO LAW can be made concerning freedom of the press by Congress, or any other body. Are these people STUPID, or what?

UN CAN’T MAKE LAWS: It is NOT a ”lawmaking body.” It is merely a “braying society” for dictators who want to control countries beyond their control by law. They CANNOT make laws controlling our right to own and use guns in self-defense, PERIOD. Unless WE let them. And Obama is set to LET THEM. But there is still an impediment to them making ANY laws to control our access to guns, and that is the Constitution. NO TREATIES that violate ANY part of our Constitution can be made—by ANYBODY—especially the UN. Any laws thus made are NOT laws in fact and need not be obeyed.

NAVY YARD GUNMAN LEGAL: He had a VALID entry card; one that allowed him in by just showing it--WITHOUT a search or anything else, IN SPITE OF several previous shooting incidents and a judgment that he had mental problems. What kind of FOOLS did not revoke that entry card? It is this kind of INCOMPETENCE in government that has caused us to be in such “deep doo-doo” today. And those in power will NEVER understand that.

MAN CLAIMS TO BE MICHELLE’S SON: Johnie Gooden, Jr. went into a bank and tried to access a non-existent bank account he thought belonged to Michelle Obama, saying he was her “adopted son,” having been “adopted” via Facebook. What kind of FOOL is this? First, being “adopted via Facebook” conveys NO rights upon him, and even a blood SON cannot access a mother’s bank account unless she gives him “power of attorney” to do so. This is but another example of the kind of FOOLS there are out there.

DON’T TALK ABOUT IT: If roads were collapsing all over the country, we’d soon be talking about ways to stop them from collapsing and nobody would tell us not to “politicize” roads collapsing. Nor would they blame the roads. Not so with guns. They quickly tell us not to “politicize” the tragedy when we talk about ways to stop wanton shooters from indiscriminate killing and immediately try to ban GUNS. Not the people who misuse them. It’s NOT “politicizing it” when you try and find ways to stop the gun violence without disarming honest, responsible people while ignoring the fact that criminals will ALWAYS be able to get their guns.

THEY SAID HE HAD AN AR-15: That was the first word about the Navy Yard killings. Then he didn’t. Then he did again. Then he didn’t. Every time “wiser heads” tried to correct the record somebody else lied to us, and it was mostly the media, who have an agenda AGAINST the AR-15 and a few politician cops. The media’s “knee-jerk reaction” is to say such shooters have AR-15s, even when it is proved otherwise. Why? Because they have a vendetta against AR-15s to please Obama.

“GUN-FREE ZONES” ARE POISON!: They are an INVITATION to people like the Navy Yard shooter. They do nothing but tell these fools there are no guns there so you can come in and kill us at will and there will likely be no guns there to oppose you. ALL mass shootings have happened in “gun-free zones.” But don’t try and tell that to the “anti-gun fools.” They don’t listen to reason. They even deny the very existence of reason. It’s time we got rid of these fools, and you can always identify them by their rhetoric.

DON’T PREJUDGE US!” That’s a constant refrain from liberals, but they are constantly judging US. Even when they SAY that, they are judging us as being “too judgmental.” They constantly figure out things they judge we shouldn’t be doing, like smoking, overeating, etc. while telling us we should not judge them. But the truth is, EVERYBODY has to be judgmental. We must make judgments about everybody we meet, every day, to decide how to react to them. I judge these people to be “too judgmental” of US. That’s total hypocrisy.

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