Sunday, September 8, 2013

Disarming Ourselves Doesn't Work

Liberals, in their incompetence, think it does. People try to tell them that, but they’re not listening. They think that way in dealing with other countries, too. They think that if we disarm ourselves, our enemies will say to themselves, “Self, America is disarming, so we have to do it, too.” That’s utter stupidity. then they think making laws that deny guns to honest people will make criminals think, ”If they’re disarming, we need to disarm, too.” It doesn’t work that way, and INTELLIGENT people know that. Criminals will ALWAYS be able to get their guns, ILLEGALLY. Criminals don’t obey gun laws. Surprise, surprise!

WISH IT WERE TRUE: Muslims say they have documents that will put Obama in prison. Unfortunately, the way they lie, I doubt seriously if that’s true. It’s all part of their propaganda effort against anything American. They keep saying it, but never show any proof. You know, just like Democrats do against Republicans. Do they really think we’ll believe their lies? When I see the proof, I might believe it. Not until.

OBAMA IS A FOOL (AGAIN): Obama says he’s going to “ask Congress for permission” to bomb Syria, but in the same breath he says he “will not be bound by their decision.” What kind of fool is this idiot? If Congress’s opinion is unimportant, why even ask for it? The ARROGANCE of this man is amazing! He’s NOT a dictator, even if he thinks he is. The law states that he CANNOT take military action against another country WITHOUT the approval of Congress. If he does, he will be in violation of the law and subject to impeachment. Again. Damn! When are Washington politicians going to get some gonads?

WHY NOT OBAMA, TOO: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader who won a staged election to become president of Egypt and was deposed by the army, will soon go on trial for “inciting murder.” Obama has done many of the same things Morissy has done so why don’t we put HIM on trial and remove him from office? I know they never will, because “the fix is in” as long as Obama is “in charge” of the means of prosecution and he will not allow it.

SCIENTISTS SUE ALGORE: 30,000 of them are angry about his lying about their opinion. He says 30,000 scientists agree with him when they do NOT. He has based his entire global warming (climate change) swindle on this lie. “Increasingly, environmentalists and politicians have exploited the shoddy global warming hypothesis as a method to take away the rights of the people in a draconian manner, and to tax all of us exorbitantly.” Meanwhile, AlGore is banking billions of dollars in profits from his lie.

EVEN ALAN COLMES AGREES: Obama is in violation of the law if he sends missiles into Syria without congressional approval. Even the author of “Thank Liberals for Saving America” (what a fool concept!) and one of the most irritating liberals agrees. Other presidents did it, and they’re in violation of the law, too. But if nobody calls them on it, they get away with it. Presidents get away with all kinds of lawbreaking when nobody has gonads enough to “call them on it.” This should change. When they break the law, charges should be automatic.

FOOLISHNESS FOLLOWS FOOLS: The Congressional Black Caucus is recommending Obama appoint Shiela Jackson Lee, the woman who doesn’t know the difference between Mars and the Moon, as director of the Homeland Security Department. What fools are these to make such a recommendation? This woman isn’t smart enough to find her way to work without help. She’s one of the worst damn fools in Congress and is an example that intelligence (or lack of it) doesn’t count when being considered for Congress or appointment to important office.

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