Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Good Did It Do?

I salute Sen. Cruz’s 21-hour effort to defund Obamacare (Obama’s health care swindle law), but I have to ask, “what good did his 21-hour speech do?” Nobody will ever remember what was in it because nobody heard it. He gave it before an almost empty Senate chamber while the liberal news media ignored it. I give him credit for quoting from John Galt’s epic speech from “Atlas Shrugged,” but again, who but “the choir” noticed? Or know what it means? It was an exercise in futility with such as Harry Reid running the Senate and a majority of fools sitting.

She gave a speech recently in which she talked about women more than 100 years ago here who could not even leave the house without her husband’s permission. She failed to mention it’s that way in most Muslim households TODAY. She confused the DECLARATION with the Constitution itself. That’s not unexpected, since this woman doesn’t seem to be able to read; not most governmental documents like the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or any of the laws she helps make, anyway. Maybe she just CAN’T read. What an ignorant bi-ch. She's becoming the "Gaffe Queen" of DC. Outdistancing even Joe Biden.

OBAMA’S “STAND-DOWN” ORDER: As I thought, Obama gave the cops a “stand-down” order when they were readying to go into the Navy Yard to stop that mass murderer. There’s no telling how many lives could have been saved had he not given that order.  Just as in the Benghazi atrocity, many lives could have been saved but for these “stand-down” orders. Is Obama a coward, or just STUPID? Soon these outfits are going to start ignoring such orders from this fool. Maybe they can save some lives that way. 2 This information came from a congressman, told to a reporter: “In an interview with Jake Tapper of CNN, Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said his information came from a member of the rescue team.” (WND)

REID GOES BANANAS: He calls Tea Parties “anarchists,” “extreme,” and “fanatics.” He’s like most liberals when they can find no real arguments against their opponents. They “call them names” and ignore their arguments. He KNOWS he cannot come up with anything concrete to oppose their arguments so he resorts to the usual Democrat scam, calling them nasty names without answering their charges. The Tea Parties are ANYTHING but anarchists. They simply want LESS government and fewer taxes. That’s NOT anarchy. Calling them names is ADMITTING he has lost the argument.

PRINCIPLE TACKLES STUDENT: Like a linebacker, Principal Andy Frelick at Zepherillis High School outside of Tampa, FL, “made like a linebacker” when he stepped in to stop a coming fight between two students the other day. He says he didn’t mean to “take down” the student, but tripped and both went down. But I’d bet that student thinks twice before threatening any more students at that school.

WHY SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT? That’s what the Democrats keep asking of the Republicans in an effort to get them to stop doing everything they can to stop and defund Obama’s health care swindle law. But the REAL question is, will the DUMOCRATS shut down the government in order to keep a law nobody wants while blaming it on the Republicans? The Republicans do NOT want to shut down the government, but Harry Reid is the one “holding the government hostage to a BAD LAW he wants to keep on the books. Will he succeed? And if he does will he be successful in FOOLING the country into thinking the GOP is to blame?

This treaty, if approved by the Senate, and their ignorance in previous matters doesn’t make me very convinced that they will not do this stupid thing, will make a mockery of our Constitution. If Kerry signs it on Obama’s orders, BOTH these saboteurs should be IMPRISONED for TREASON!

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