Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Obama's "Shell Game"

Obama’s health care swindle law said businesses must offer, and pay for, health insurance he approves for employees working full time. Full time was then 40 hours. Businesses lowered their worker’s hours to 39; Obama redefined full time to 38 hours. Then business lowered their full time hours to 30 hours and now Union boss Trumpka (who is demanding waivers for himself and his union members) wants to lower it to 25 HOURS. When will it stop? When full time is ONE hour? Or will they do away with the “full time requirement,” altogether and include EVERYBODY who has ANY kind of a job? What a damned fool game this is.

TEA PARTY LIKE CONFEDERACY: Jesse Jackson says the biggest problem facing Obama and other African-Americans today is conservative thinking. Then he said the Tea Party is the modern equivalent of the Confederacy. That Republicans only oppose Obama’s policies because of racism. What kind of FOOL is this man? The biggest problem facing us today is LIBERAL thinking and to think any opposition to Obama’s policies is only because of racism is PURE stupidity. But then, I expect that of this “race whore.”

PRICING THEMSELVES OUT OF THE MARKET: McDonald’s (and other fast-food) workers are “on strike.” They want $15.00 an hour. If they win, most of them will lose their jobs because what they do is not WORTH $15.00 an hour and their employers can't AFFORD $15.00 an hour.. They’re falling for that liberal idea that their employers are only there to satisfy THEIR needs. They’re not. They’re there to make a profit (a "dirty word" to liberals, who know NOTHING about business). And giving their unskilled workers a $15.00 an hour salary will cost them MILLIONS that they cannot afford. So what’s gonna happen? Those workers will GO! And good riddance!

“NAZI STYLE” PROPAGANDA: Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joeseph Goebbels put out many lies by saying he had :”proof” of something without showing his proof, because he didn’t have any. Now John (Goebbels) Kerry is doing the same in his haste to do Obama’s bidding and attack Syria. The REAL evidence is that REBELS are the ones who used the poison gas, not the government. Therefore, Assad did NOT “cross that red line” in the sand Obama gave him. But Obama is using that “proof” to back his wish to invade Syria and help (his friends) the Islamic extremists to victory. I don’t know his motive. Maybe just to start a war to cover his own crimes.

11-YEAR-OLD ASSAD “DARING” OBAMA: The 11-year-old son of the Styrian butcher, Assad, has made several posts on his Facebook page DARING Obama to invade Syria. What kind of a country’s leader allows his 11-year-old son to TAUNT a head of state to invade his country? A damn fool one, that’s what kind! Assad is not only a butcher, he’s a damn fool who lets a CHILD make DARES to another head of state. When he dies, the blood of all his citizens will be on his own head, and that of his kid. And from all indications, he has made a RACIST of his son.

“NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND”: That’s what Obama promises in his proposed one-day war on Syria to help his Islamic terrorist friends who have “taken over” the rebel action there. So you can bet there will soon BE “boots on the ground” if Obama promises there will not be. Whatever Obama promises, you can always count on that being just the opposite from what he does—unless what he promises is something bad.

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