Saturday, September 7, 2013

Climate Change Is Real!

But not the “climate change” AlGore has used to pry BILLIONS of dollars out of unsuspecting fools. He calls it “climate change” now because “global warming” no longer worked to advance his swindle when it was found that the world was no longer “warming.” And hadn’t been for the last FIFTEEN YEARS! But “climate change” IS real. The climate cools and warms in CYCLES, regardless of anything man can do nor how much money we (not me) send AlGore to support his swindle and his energy-using lifestyle.

MARITAL DIFFICULTIES: What do you do when you disapprove of your husband’s ex girlfriend’s activities? Well, if you’re married to a dictator, just have him murder her and all her friends. He trumped up charges that they violated his country’s pornography laws to make it look good, lined up eleven people including his ex wife against a wall and had them shot. Must be nice to be able to make, or tailor laws and punishment to suit yourself. Just like his dad and granddad. If you don’t like somebody, make a law and charge them with violating it, and murder them. Damn, there are some evil people in this world!

Columnist Elizabeth Obagy says the Islamic terrorists are NOT “running the opposition to Assad in Syria.” What cave has she been living in? What kind of a fool is she? You can bet many of the arms Obama has shipped to those rebels WILL wind up in the hands of other Islamic terrorists, whether or not it can be proved. It is uninformed columnists like her that help Islamic terrorists advance their cause.

: Oh; so if Kerry confirms it, it must be true, right? WRONG! Kerry is almost as big a liar as Obama, and since he became Secretary of state he has become an even bigger liar. I think that’s one of the requirements to work for Obama. So I don’t believe a word he says. He says chemical weapons have been used there, but doesn't say who used them: the rebels or Assad.

BILL: “SECRETARY OF LYING”: Bill Clinton is Obama’s new “Secretary of Lying,” given the hard job (easy job for Bill) of trying to convince the citizens that black is white, or some other easy-to-believe lies. He’s a natural choice. He narrowly missed being appointed “Secretary of Screwing Women in the Oval Office” before, but he was president then, so he didn’t qualify, though he met all other requirements. Oh: I forgot. Oral sex isn’t “screwing.” It must be true, Bill said so.

HAS ASSAD BEEN SETUP? Maybe he didn’t use chemical weapons on his citizens. Think about it: probably the best way to GET American intervention is to fool Obama into thinking he did. The Islamic extremists now involved with the rebels think nothing about killing their own people if it will gain them an advantage. So think twice America, about shelling Syria. Whether or not Assad did do it, you’re playing right into the Islamic terrorist’s hands when you help the rebels take over yet another Middle East country for Islam.

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