Sunday, September 15, 2013

Carney "Tap-Dances"

He was asked specifically if this administration would consider “boots on the ground” in Syria; to which he replied, “We don’t ‘envision’ boots on the ground in Syria. That is our policy and we are not participating in the Syrian revolution.” This is a “no-answer answer” and means nothing. Policies can be changed with the weather and usually are, with Obama. So later when he decides to “participate” in the Syrian revolution, he can say he never said he would NOT ever send troops to Syria.

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: The Democrats are still trying to blame any “government shutdown” on the Republicans, but it won’t wash. ANY government shutdown will be dictated by OBAMA, not the Republicans. The Republicans CANNOT “shut down” the government. Only the president can do that by REFUSING to agree to measures that will keep it open; which he has done, all along.

SANE OR INSANE: Kurt Vonnegut once said, “In an insane society, a sane man would be considered insane.” That’s what we have today: an “insane society,” and people who disagree with it are called “anarchists” or even “RACISTS.” So maybe we need to listen to the people Obama calls “insane.” See if they really are, which is doubtful if it is OBAMA who is calling them that

TYPICAL LIBERAL CRAP:  The “Democratic Underground” says (the now defunct) “Sierra Times” is a “right-wing propaganda rag” and no doubt contributes to the NRA, as if that were a BAD thing. He gives no proof of this assertion, as usual; Democrats never do. They just make statements and expect people to believe them on their word alone. I have reason to doubt the word of ANY Democrat. Sierra Times went out of business several years ago and I was the last writer to contribute with my ”News Nuggets” column after several years of contributing. What ST was, is one of the few places to find unaltered TRUTH on the Internet until J. J. Johnson, its owner, moved off to “greener pastures,” since the truth didn’t pay too well.

“THE AMERICAN JIHADIST” KILLED: Omar Hammami, the famous “American Jihadist who was born in Alabama and was subject to a $5 million dollar FBI bounty, was reportedly murdered by his own organization, with whom he seems to have had a “falling out.” But that $5 million bounty likely won’t be paid because it would involve the FBI getting information leading to the arrest and conviction of a number of terrorists. So they'll probably not ask for it.

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