Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Burger Strike Flops

The unions tried to kill the fast-food industry (as they did at Hostess Foods, which went out of business because of union demands, costing all their workers their jobs) the other day by creating a “strike” that only lasted about an hour, and didn’t include many workers on their picket lines. Only union organizers. They struck for an impossible demand, $15.00 an hour for unskilled work intended for entry-level workers only. Unfortunately, that seems to be all that’s left for ANYBODY with Obama in charge. Unions have outlived their usefulness.

KILLING FAST FOOD: That’s what the unions are trying to do. The same thing they did to Hostess Foods (Twinkies) in Denver. They couldn’t pay their demands so they went out of business and hundreds of their union workers lost their jobs entirely. The average wage in the industry is ALREADY a dollar an hour MORE than “minimum wage” and higher-paying jobs ARE available to people who deserve it. But unions want “part of the action” and don’t care if their workers lose their jobs.

CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE, TOO: Liberals keep insisting that “corporations are NOT people,” but they’re STUPIDLY wrong. Corporations are made up of THOUSANDS of working people, many of whom are living “from paycheck to paycheck” just like everybody else. The people who own those corporations are the people whose IDEAS create the whole reason for that corporation’s existence. I once owned a corporation, but I’m just another guy who had an idea to market. Liberals are damned fools who have no idea how the world works. Yet they’ve conned their way into positions where they run things.

OBAMA IDOLIZES MANDELA: I think it’s very instructive to note that one of Obama’s biggest heroes is a COMMUNIST. Mandella has always BEEN a communist. And if you don’t know what a communist is, you’d better look it up, right away. Not knowing can kill you. Communism is but one form of COLLECTIVISM, which Obama is trying HARD to impose on this nation. Communism ENSLAVED Russia for 75 years and murdered millions of people. Collectivism is a system that must be FORCED on people because nobody with intelligence wants it.

CARREY JUST DOESN’T GET IT: Comedian Jim Carrey, in a Twitter argument, was asked about how HE was protected on his appearances. His answer? “A policeman protects me.” Really? He doesn’t think he should carry a gun for protection when he can have SOMONE ELSE with a gun to do it? What about us folks who can’t afford armed security? We have to be our own security, and to do that, we need our own guns. But he doesn’t understand that.

JIM CARREY IS FUNNY: He’s a very good comedian. But when it comes to guns and self-defense, he’s a fool. He thinks nobody (but cops) should carry guns to defend themselves because he’s got cops to defend him. But most of us can’t afford armed security like he can, cops or not. But he is an excellent illustration of the myopathy of liberals who CAN afford armed security while thinking other people don’t need it. That shows complete stupidity.

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