Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tylenol's "Dangerous Ingredient"

The “usual suspects” are whining about the “dangerous ingredient” in Tylenol that can injure your kidneys if you take too much of it. So what? ALL medicines contain “dangerous ingredients” that can harm you if you take too much! The solution is not to take too much. Not ban them altogether. But liberals don’t think like that. If they don’t like something, they want to keep EVERYBODY from having it. The world is full of stories about liberals who use guns to defend themselves while trying to keep everybody else from being able to do so. Like with everything else.

DEBBIE DOES THE USUAL: She comes out with her unkempt hair flying in the wind and says, “Dozens of countries support Obama’s bombing of Syria, but I can’t tell you who they are.” As usual, they make a statement without offering any proof, which is their usual “modus operandi.” She can’t tell us who they are because they don’t exist. They do this all the time: make an astounding statement with no proof offered because they don’t have any, but expect us to believe it anyway.

OBAMA LYING AGAIN: As usual. He says, “I didn’t draw a red line that Syria crossed, it was the rest of the world.” The news media makes a big thing of it, as if Obama lying was news. It isn’t. Obama lies everything he opens his mouth unless he screws up and tells the truth once in a while. If that happens, you can bet he didn’t mean it. This is the lyingest president since Bill Clinton.

$9 MILLION TO PROMOTE OBAMACARE: That’s how much Obama has spent (taxpayer money) so far to promote his health care swindle called “Obamacare.” It’s a “train wreck,” and unenforceable. It will never work (for us) although it may work for HIM in his efforts to socialize this country. You don’t believe he’s trying to make this country into a socialist country? Just watch what he does, in total. His every move forces closer to a socialist economy. And he has SAID, “the free market doesn’t work.” How clear can he BE?

USING THEIR METHODS: Obama has CUT all military pay if you use the same reporting methods used by politicians. Congress authorized a 1.8% INCREASE in pay for them and Obama arbitrarily reduced that INCREASE to 1%. Under their rules, we get to call that a CUT, even though it’s a 1% INCREASE, though not as much as Congress gave them. I think the Congressional approval should go UP, while Obama’s goes DOWN further.

So what else is new? Sarah Palin is just telling the truth, as she usually does. She says, “So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the stupid one?” The Obama forces have done a good job of “marginalizing” this amazing woman, but she refuses to remain “marginalized.” What an amazing president she would make. But Obama has done too good a lying job about her. He’s even got REPUBLICANS “knocking” her! If she ran, I’d vote for her in a “New York Minute!”

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