Sunday, September 29, 2013

War Against Christianity

There’s a war being waged, and it is against Christianity. Not just that being pursued by Muslim extremists (and I wonder if it is just extremists) against Coptic Christians in Muslim-run countries. I see evidence of it right here in America, and it sickens me. It’s not only against Christianity, it’s against ALL religions not Muslim. They will KILL all people not Muslim if they can. All they seem to want to do is hurt people for not believing exactly the same way they do.

CAIR CHANGED ITS NAME: WTF? That’s not a question, that’s the initials their new name created. It’s The Washington Trust Foundation. The best-known terrorist-supporting, money-laundering organization has changed its name. Because they are now on a list of terrorist organizations and they think they can escape that by changing their name. They see enough American outfits doing it, why not them? And, of course, it creates more confusion about just who they are, in any case.

ASSAULT ON A POLICE OFFICER? A parent who simply asked a question (out of order) was assaulted by a “security guard” who also happened to be an off-duty police officer who seemed to be very impressed with his own “authority.” This parent was charged with “assaulting a police officer,” a possible TEN YEAR OFFENSE. If any court actually is allowed to SEE the tape, they’ll notice that the only “assault” that went on was perpetrated by this overly officious cop. To charge this parent with “assault” was an ATROCITY. He will probably be found not guilty, but to CHARGE him in this case will cost him a lot of money to defend. It is a vast overreaction and should be made a crime.

“SCARING” AMERICANS: Obama says Republicans are using “scare tactics” to defeat his health care swindle law. And he’s right. They ARE “scaring Americans.” But what he fails to mention is that the TRUTH “scares Americans.” And it is the TRUTH that Republicans are TELLING Americans about Obama’s swindle. What part of “can’t afford it” does Obama not understand? Making a LAW to force it doesn’t change that.

“I’D SIGN UP FOR IT:” That’s what Obama’s “liar-in-chief,” Jay Carney says about Obama’s health care swindle. Carney is well-named in that he is like the “carney” outside the tent showing the bearded woman at the county fair. Nobody really believes what HE says, either. But they’re curious as to how phony she is and they’re ready to invest a little cash to see it. Notice he’s one of those who WON’T have to “sign up for it.”

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