Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Al-Jazeera Loses Its Anchor

al-Jazeerqa America, the offshoot of the well-known Islamic terrorist mouthpiece, the original al-Jazeera, in addition to poor ratings, has now lost its most ballyhooed anchor. Morgan Fogarty summarily quit her job at the cable outlet formerly owned by global warming con man AlGore and returned to her former job at WCCB in Charlotte, NC. She doesn’t say why, but I suspect they tried to get her to falsify the news, as they are wont to do and she rebelled. Good on ya, Morgan!

STILL AFTER ZIMMERMAN: Cops held George Zimmerman (who has been targeted for killing a young black thug who was trying to kill him) by Obama to prove a point, at gunpoint the other day in a “domestic violence dispute” brought on by his (former) wife lying to a dispatcher, saying he has threatening her and her family with a gun; which he wasn’t. She changed her story when the cops got there, but not before they made him “hit the ground” and put handcuffs on him. They released him when they found there were no charges they could bring against him. Zimmerman should go somewhere they don’t know him and change his name or Obama will eventually “get him.”

TYPICAL MUSLIM FOOLISHNESS: Many countries have suffered rejection by the Olympic Committee, but Islamic Turkey is the first to “cut ties” entirely in retaliation (Like the Olympic Committee cares). Most countries try again at the next opportunity, but not Turkey. Like many Muslims, they feel offended by the rejection. They feel that all they have to do is signal a WILLINGNESS to host the Olympics to be granted the right. That’s how Muslim “leaders” think. They’re wrong. And with this response, I expect that they will never be considered again. And good riddance.

“JUST KILL HIM!” Col. Leo Thorsness, recipient of the Medal of Honor, who spent YEARS in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp, says the best way to stop Syrian dictator Assad from using chemical weapons is to just KILL him. I agree. We stopped Saddam from using them by killing him, (actually, we just let his own people kill him) and it worked. He never used them again. So why not ASSad, who has killed hundreds of thousands? People think we have a law against assassinating heads of state, no matter what. But we don’t. It’s just a presidential directive, which can be removed with the stroke of a pen. Even quicker than when Obama violates the Constitution, which he does every day.

Russian dictator Vladmir Putin says we have no right to say we’re “exceptional.” This about a country that has led the world from the president of a country whose system COLLAPSED in failure. What the hell does he know about exceptionalism? His country has never BEEN “exceptional,” as far as I know—ever. He is seizing on an accidental “solution” to the Syria problem that allows him to “crow.” He needs to just shut up and keep killing his own “subjects.”

GRABBING UP A LIE: Bashir ASSad, dictator in Syria, who isn’t going to last much longer, says he is giving up his chemical weapons “because of Russia, not the United States.” What a damned fool statement THAT is. He’s giving them up to keep us from bombing him, and the world knows it. Russia has only come into it LATELY after Kerry’s gaffe that became our “policy.” Putin is, of course, using it to aggrandize himself; and, of course, he hasn’t met a dictator he didn’t like.

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