Saturday, September 14, 2013

Colmes Lies Again

Alan Colmes says the Republicans are hiding the fact that liberal and Democrat groups were held up as long as Republican and conservative groups were by the IRS, which is a blatant LIE. Liberal groups went through “the system” like a hot knife through butter while some conservative groups are STILL waiting, years later. Obama’s own BROTHER got through “the system” in 30 DAYS! Colmes agrees with Obama that this is a “phony scandal,” which anybody with INTELLIGENCE knows is a LIE. He is Fox’s most prominent “token liberal” on staff and the author of a "Big Lie" book called, "Thank Liberals for Saving America."

SYRIA’S “SHELL GAME”: Like Saddam did when Bush telegraphed his intent, for 14 months, to invade Iraq and find their “weapons of mass destruction” he was hiding while claiming he had none. Saddam hid them all over the country and finally shipped them to Syria, who has now used some on his own citizens (or the rebels used them to “frame him” and force an American invasion). He’s moving them all over his country, in 50 different locations, so far. Hoping nobody will find them while Russia PRETENDS to be “taking charge” of them.

DEMS BLOCK BENGHAZI INVESTIGATION: Sen. Cruz tried to pass a law requiring a Senate investigation of the Benghazi debacle but was blocked by Democrats. Why is that? Are they afraid such an investigation would find out things Obama doesn’t want made public? Like, for instance, WHO gave that fateful “stand down” order to troops ready to go there and stop the attack? We all know who was the ONLY person who COULD give that ”stand down” order, Barack Obama! But since it hasn’t been made official, Obama can avoid punishment for their murders. Damn, I wish somebody in Washington would “grow a pair!

MICHELLE’S WHACKY IDEAS: Obama’s fool wife has had another whacky idea: you need to drink more water. ”She says it will give you more energy. BULL. This broad is just full of fool ideas. Her idea to feed school children (against their will) more “healthy” food in school flopped horribly when kids threw the food she dictated in the trash. So now she has this fool idea that more water will give us more energy. This gal thinks she’s smarter than the average bear. Actually, she's not too bright. Of course they will call me a racist for pointing out the truth.

CHI TO SHAME BIG ENERGY USERS: They plan to “monitor” the energy use of everybody in the “windy city” and make it public so that people who use a lot of energy can be “shamed” into using less. A typical liberal fool idea. How much energy I use is nobody’s business but my own! They can take their “shaming program” (if it comes to Denver) and stick it where it hurts—sideways for all of me, and get out of my face. I'll use what energy I NEED to use, and they can go to hell.

FEDS INTERFERING (AS USUAL): Where they’re not wanted and aren’t needed. There’s a strange situation in one private zoo where a bear, a lion, and a tiger live TOGETHER. They have for the last 12 years, since they were babies. They love each other and get very depressed when apart. But the feds have mandated a $400,000 fence between them, as well as other animals, regardless. Not only that, but the zoo can’t afford it, and the feds don’t care. This is what liberal bureaucrats do—interfere in our lives and cost us money we can’t afford; and they just don’t care.

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