Sunday, September 22, 2013

House Defunds Obamacare

The House has voted to defund Obamacare, and the liberals are incensed. Never mind a MAJORITY of Americans want nothing to do withObama’s health care swindle. Harry Reid is “very disappointed (read: incensed)” at that vote and pledges to keep it from ever becoming law. But it does serve to send a message to Senators that “If you vote against it, you’re taking a chance on losing your job, (as two Colorado senators did over their anti-gun votes).

WHAT KIND OF FOOL IS HE? Obama’s now telling us that raising the debt ceiling won’t raise the national debt. What kind of fools does he think WE are? There’s only ONE REASON for increasing the limit on the national debt—and that is so he raise the national debt and spend even more money. No other reason. It really amazes me at the ignorance he shows in the lies he tells us. Never mind he has spent more than all other presidents down through history. He (and his fools) still say we “don’t have a spending problem.” What the hell does he think it is when he spends more money than there IS and has to run the printing presses 24 hours a day to (illegally) print more?

WHY IS CHICAGO SO BAD? Rahm Emmanuel “gutted” the police department as one of his first actions when he became mayor. He moved people who had been in certain neighborhoods for years elsewhere, and lost the effect of all the information they HAD about that neighborhood and its people, forcing them to “start over” in a new area. He also, as one of his first actions, reduced the SIZE of the police department by 10%. If you WANT to increase the crime rate, there’s no better way. And he wonders why his city is “the murder capital” in spite of his tough gun laws that none of his criminals obey.

“BLOW EVERYTHING UP”: Obama tells Republicans “You don’t have to blow everything up just because you don’t get your way” while threatening to “blow everything up” by shutting down the government if HE doesn’t get HIS way. And people actually BELIEVE this inveterate LIAR when he tells them it will be the Republican’s fault when HE gives the order to shut down the government. Damn, what a low opinion of our intelligence he must have! His problem is he is too dumb to know how dumb he is!

OBAMA BREAKS THE LAW! I know that’s not news--he does that every day. But this law is so new that his signature on the Bill isn’t even dry yet. Congress eliminated the position of “legal advocate” for illegal aliens because it didn’t want to pay a government employee to defend illegal aliens. He even signed the bill. Then he changed the name of the position and kept the advocate on, thereby violating the law he just signed. This is typical of the “shell game” he runs.

DON’T TOUCH MY PHONE! Word is, Hillary’s “security” (otherwise known as her “thugs”) took a cell phone away from a citizen who took her picture and deleted the picture. That’s a violation of the law. It’s ASSAULT. Will this thug be punished? Not likely. He’s a “security officer” for a :”bigwig.” They get to do what they want. For my part, “You toucha my phone, I breaka you face.” I don't care who you are.  Damn, what a bunch of overbearing fools!

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