Monday, September 2, 2013

Rape Should Bar It

A court is trying to decide whether or not a rapist should be allowed visitation rights to the child he fathered when he raped her. How STUPID is this? This should not even BE a subject for discussion. The very fact that he raped her should BAR him from having ANY parental rights. If the decision is to allow it, the law will allow this woman to be RAPED for 16 years just by his presence in her life. But then, with stupid liberals as judges, how can we stop such stupidity?

MSNBC HOST IS VILE: He calls the “right’s” emphasis on Chris Lane’s death “vile.” What’s “vile” is Toure Neblett CALLING it vile. His man is a typical liberal FOOL who has his own microphone, all be it he cannot speak to many people, since MSNBC only has two listeners and is soon to lose them because of such people as him. Where do they GET such fools to put on the air? No wonder they’re sinking rapidly.

HIRE SOME PEOPLE WITH GUNS: What do you do when your laws keep citizens from having the means to self defense, a gun? Hire some people with guns to escort your children to school. Is that stupid?  Yes, but the liberal politicians running Chicago are doing it, and with your tax money. Today, it’s Illinois taxpayer money paying for it, but I’d bet it won’t be long before Obama sends Rahm Emmanuel (his buddy), the mayor, some money to help pay for his stupidity.

OBAMA: “FRAIDY CAT”: He thought al-Qaida was going to attack some oil interests so he shut down 23 embassies to stop it. Is he so scared of the Islamic terrorists he’ll shut down our embassies on just the THREAT of terrorist activity? Yes. This is our big, brave president. Is he hiding in his bedroom as he did while Islamic terrorists murdered four of our embassy personnel including the ambassador in Benghazi, then lied about it for weeks after?

SYRIA VOWS TO DEFEND ITSELF: With Obama making ready for war on Syria, Syria is yakking about defending itself. Reminds me of that old story of an ant running up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind. Syria will not last a week if America, even with such as Obama in command, goes after it. Like Iraq, which we whupped in one week while his public relations hack said we’d never get to Baghdad with American tanks rolling by behind him after much bragging on the part of Saddam, Syria is making lots of noise because they just don’t know how silly they sound.

RESPONDING TO A LIE: Football player Leonard Marshall, responding to a LIE, said Rush Limbaugh was “irresponsible” for saying football is being “chickified”  by rules being made to limit concussions. One problem. Rush never said that. This is a typical example of accusing Rush (or other conservatives) of saying something he never said, then vilifying him for saying it. This is how they operate; always have, always will be.

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