Saturday, September 28, 2013

Post Office Wants Rate Increase

Today’s equivalent of the “buggy whip makers” who went out of business when the automobile was invented, now want to hasten their demise by answering a reduction in business with huge a rate increase. Only a government agency would do that. A private business would LOWER rates and make it up in INCREASED business. I predict a HUGE reduction in business as soon as the new rate goes into effect. I used to buy postage by the 500 roll. No more. I no longer use the mail for communication and do my shipping by UPS or FedEx.

COKIE ROBERTS IS FULL OF BS: She says “All conservatives are racist,” which is one of the STUPIDEST things she has ever said in public. She’s “parroting” what all Democrat politicians say in order to NOT have to answer the proper QUESTIONS conservatives ask when Obama does something else STUPID. And she’s a little late into the tent. That got old a long time ago through overuse. Nobody with any intelligence at all believes it any more.

ENSHRINING MEDIOCRITY: Some sports organizations are promoting the “Sportsmanship Rule” by FINING teams that beat other teams by more than 35 or 40 points. That is one of the STUPIDEST things I’ve ever seen. They SAY it “promotes sportsmanship,” but that’s bullsh-t. Tell me where in REAL life this will ever happen. In a NASCAR race, should they require a driver who is winning by more than one lap to “slow down” and let lesser drivers “catch up?” Damn, how stupid ARE some people?

PUNISHED FOR NOT BELIEVING: That sounds like Muslims, but it’s not. AlGore’s “disciples” are having trouble getting people to believe their lies about the “global warming” scam since the globe has NOT been “warming” for about 15 years. They even changed the NAME of their swindle to make it more believable. So now they want to PUNISH people who question their lies. It must be hard to make people believe so obvious a lie. I kinda feel sorry for them.

CAN’T WRITE FAST ENOUGH: When I first started the “THOMA$ REPORT” I wondered if I could find enough material to keep that blog going. Since them I have started several more blogs and still have almost 300 posts backed up, waiting to be posted. I can’t write this stuff fast enough. I sit here writing with the TV news going beside me and forget half of what I want to write because I can’t write fast enough to get it down. And that’s just ONGOING news.

“COLLECTIVE” RIGHTS? A new web site says the Second Amendment only talks about a “collective” right. In a document that ONLY talks about INDIVIDUAL rights, today’s politicians want to convince us that the Second Amendment is the ONLY one that only talked about a COLLECTIVE right. How stupid ARE they? How stupid do they think WE are? It really amazes me the lengths corrupt politicians will go to, to scam the American people!

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