Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Voters Have Spoken!

The two Colorado lawmakers who supported tighter gun laws in Colorado have been FIRED. Both said they were not regretful for so voting, but I’ll bet they were, as they packed up their belongings and left the legislature. This will send a message to other Democrats who think they can “willy-nilly” take away our right to self defense. May other anti-gun politicians “quake in their boots” as other voters move to fire them, too.

STILL NO ANSWER: We ask Obama and ask him and we get no answer about who gave the “stand down” order that caused the deaths of our ambassador in Benghazi and three other people. Obama acts like Benghazi never happened, and so do other liberal FOOLS in Washington. Now they’re going to give the Benghazi criminal, Hillary Clinton, a “Liberty Medal on the ANNIVERSARY of the atrocity she helped happen! And we (not me) let it happen! This woman should be in PRISON for complicity in MURDER, not given awards.

AMERICA: “KEYSTONE KOPS: Obama’s administration has become a “comedy of errors where a “gaffe” by John Kerry (Syria giving control of his chemical weapons over to Russia) becomes policy. Something first postulated by a comedian on TWITTER and “picked up” by Secretary of State John Kerry and only mentioned as a joke has been taken up by Vladmir Putin and Bashir Assad as a “face-saving” idea. Kerry first tried to “back away” from it, but it is now official U. S. Government policy and Kerry and Obama are being heralded as GENIUSES.

SNOWDEN TO GET NOBEL PEACE PRIZE? The man who has been declared a fugitive because he revealed to the world that America’s National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on us all is being talked about to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. And in a world where Barack Obama got it for NOTHING and AlGore got it for his health care swindle, I believe it. Some people are very serious about this. More evidence the Nobel is now worth NOTHING except a few bucks in somebody’s pocket.

RUNNING OUT OF TARGETS: One problem with bombing all over and indiscriminately is that soon you run out of targets. Islamic terrorists wanted to make a statement (what else?) on yet another anniversary of 9/11 but couldn’t find a good target not well-protected so they bombed the former Foreign Ministry building that hasn’t been used as such since King Idris, the ruler Khaddafi overthrew a long time ago. Nobody was seriously injured because nobody was there, though a few passers-by were sent to the hospital. They’re getting desperate, people.

SPITZER AND WEINER LOSE: Anthony Weiner, whose main claim to fame is sending pictures of his wiener to various women even after being caught and resigning from Congress, and former Governor Spitzer, both Democrats, lost BIG in the New York elections. Weiner for NY Mayor, Spitzer for NY Comptroller. Apparently they thought as Democrats, their sexual missteps would be a resume enhancement they could use to reclaim their careers, but they weren’t.

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